Most Men Are Still Ignorant About This Prostate Cancer Information

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You won’t believe it but it is true.

I didn’t believe it myself until I saw the statistics… then the reality of it all dawned on me.

Now… listen up.

The statistics now have it that one in every ten men will eventually develop significant prostate cancer at one stage in their lifetime!


Well, I thought so too, but it is a glaring fact that is staring all men from the ages of 40.

So, do we keep running away from this reality?

Or we brave up and do something about it, like trying to prevent it from happening to us and working hard to treat it as soon as it does occur?

We have a choice. The first one is not going to help us, while the second one can help us live longer and safe from this life threatening monster called prostate cancer.

But now… there is good news!

The good news is that it has also been statistically proven that the sooner a prostate cancer is detected, the better and easier it would be to treat.

So, with prostate cancer, the sooner you discover and treat it the better your chances of survival.

So, instead of hiding your head inside the ground like the Ostrich while the rest of your body is exposed it is wise to learn all you can about prostate cancer so that you can be better protected about it.

This knowledge will allow you to quickly identify the symptoms and go for full treatment. Better still, the knowledge you will get will help you to always go for check ups once or twice every year, to know immediately prostate cancer develops, so that you can fight it before it spreads.

With prostate cancer, early detection is the best way of surviving it.

Survival Stage Iv Prostate Cancer

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I have been asked many times by people of the chances of survival stage IV prostate cancer.

If you have always wanted to know too, this information is for you.

Stage IV prostate cancer is also known as advanced metastatic. At this stage, it is now very advanced because the prostate cancer has now spread beyond the prostate into other parts of the body.

The survival stage IV prostate cancer will depend on exactly how far beyond the prostate the cancer has got to.

If it hasn’t gone too far into other parts of the body then the chances of survival could be high, but if it has spread to much more parts outside the prostate, then the survival chances could be slimmer.

Below are the treatment given to victims of this survival stage IV prostate cancer:

? Hormone therapy
? External-beam radiotherapy with or without any hormone therapy
? Watchful waiting
? Chemotherapy

Another form of treatment for stage IV prostate cancer is known as brachytherapy.

Also known as internal radiotherapy, this form of treatment is usually the recommended prostate cancer treatment when the cancer has dangerously spread beyond the prostate gland of victims.

Also known as seed implant therapy, prostate cancer brachytherapy works by having radioactive iodine seeds being inserted into the victim’s prostate.

This brachytherapy alternative prostate cancer medication helps to spare the healthy nearby tissues from the cancerous tumors.

With a combination of any of the above treatments, there is a great chance of surviving stage IV prostate cancer. Many people with serious stage IV prostate cancer have survived it so yours might be one of them too.