You Could Be Wrong About Prostate Cancer In Men Over 80 Years Old

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A lot of people have said a lot of things about prostate cancer. It is important to differentiate between opinion and facts. And with democracy, everyone has the right to say what he or she wants to say.

But as I read once, “Democracy is the right to speak, but not the right to be taken seriously”.

Why am I saying all these?

I read what one doctor said recently that prostate cancer in men over 80 years old should not be a serious issue like in men just over 40 years.

I beg to disagree with him.

Even though most men over 80 years have little more to go, they are still very important and care should be taken to keep them here as long as possible.

The fact that they are already 80 years and probably retired from active service or business doesn’t mean we should allow them to die from just any ailment that comes their way. We should still do everything within our power to give them the best of help and treatment even if they are over 80 years.

If you are over 80 years and reading this, then I assure you that you are not on your way out yet. You can still live longer and healthier if you start treating the prostate cancer right away, instead of just waiting for death to come and get you.

Wouldn’t you want to live up to 100 years and be able to do those things you haven’t had the time to do yet? I don’t know about you, but extra 20 years to live in this earth is a good thing to strive for. I remember reading once that even if we don’t live to be 200 years, our children or grand children might? because of the high technological advancement being made in both medical and other areas.

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