Why Prostate Cancer Prognosis Could Be WRONG

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According to cancer societies and associations such as the American Cancer Society, about 92 percent of all men who have been diagnosed with the cancer survive only 5 years after the diagnosis. Going further they said that about 67 per cent of those diagnosed survive up to 10 years.

Despite what the experts have said about prostate cancer prognosis, many victims have survived beyond the years postulated by the doctors in their prognosis. There are some victims who have even completely cured themselves of the prostate cancer. One of such persons is the great American motivational speaker – Les Brown.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer and given a limited prognosis. He not only survived it but was able to get the cancer out of his system completely using simply herbal regiment as well as treatment, meditation and, according to him, a lot of prayers. He didn’t just believe the prognosis then went home to wait for death. He fought and fought pretty hard… and he survived prostate cancer.

So, despite the fact that prostate cancer can signal the end of the road for a victim, it can be curbed and even treated effectively.

What you need to do to ensure it doesn’t get you down is to always go for the prostate cancer tests. Going for the prostate cancer tests always ensures that you are able to detect it early before it goes out of control.

Since the symptoms do not usually show up until the disease has progressed, there is no need for you to hang around and wait for the symptoms. You can make it a yearly routine to go for a prostate cancer test twice or thrice every year.

But even if the cancer has spread, it’s not all over for you. For people like Les Brown and other popular prostate cancer survivors, they didn’t give up. Les Brown in particular was given a limited prognosis and told he was going to die pretty soon, but he didn’t give up. He kept fighting and eventually won. If he could, you and many others who are suffering from this condition, can as well!

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