Whats Prostate Cancer?

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Almost everyone wants to know these days ? what is prostate cancer, especially with the heavy casualty figure that the disease still claims each and every year, with lots of people still refusing to have their yearly tests done. Whether you ask what to expect after prostate surgery, what is the fifth stage of prostate cancer or what to ask about prostate cancer, this article provides some interesting facts that can help you.

Doctors know how they get their pictures when they want to study a disease, and they often always get them too, in the manner in which they desire. However, it may not always be precisely what they need because they really don’t know the answer to that question yet. That is why a disease like prostate cancer continues to be an enigma, due to no fault of anyone: they simply don’t know enough about the disease yet.

This much is known of prostate cancer though, for those people that are still asking ? what’s prostate cancer or what to ask about prostate cancer:

· It is a killer disease; a malignancy of the cells of the prostate gland that causes them to mutate, and the mutations to migrate to other parts of the body, causing pain, problems with various bodily functions, and eventually death.

· Prostate cancer has a preference for older men (women don’t have prostate glands so they don’t get prostate cancer). It is more common in men above the age of sixty, and less common (but not totally ruled out) in men younger than forty five.

· There are no symptoms of the disease in its early stages, which means that the disease could be there for a while without it being noticed. When the symptoms appear, the chances are that the disease is already spreading.

· A localized condition of prostate cancer can be treated by radical prostatectomy, by transurethral resection, by hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, or cryosurgery, or by any combination of these.

· There are times when the disease relapses, in which case more radical and aggressive approaches are employed in order to arrest it before it kills you.

· Sometimes, if the patient is very old and the disease is still in its early stages, the doctors may choose to do nothing and just watch the man for a while. It could be that the man dies of some other condition first before the prostate cancer gets out of hand; but if that does not happen, they might consider other treatment options. This treatment procedure is referred to as watchful waiting.

· Due to improved diagnostic techniques, more men are being diagnosed with the disease every year ? about three hundred thousand last year alone; but in spite of improved treatment processes, still too many men die from prostate cancer year in and out ? this year alone, over twenty six thousand men are expected to kick the bucket, courtesy of prostate cancer complications in the United States.

There are alternative techniques too for taking care of prostate cancer, and some of them are quite the rave in unconventional circles, but even then, more are being researched in various institutions and establishments all over the country, and in fact all over the world so that patients can better find healing. So you need to know more about prostate cancer, you can visit sites such as this on the Internet and even view some pics of prostate cancer patients, to help you fully understand the condition.

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