Whats Prostate Cancer – You Might Not Know All There Is To Know

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Prostate cancer is the malignancy of the cells of the prostate gland, in which a tumor forms due to the mutation of cells in the organ and it starts to grow as the cells begin multiply.

Ordinarily, cancer cells multiply rapidly, but in the case of prostate cancer the growth is initially slow and almost imperceptible to the end that it may not be noticeable for a long time yet. The growth and progression of prostate cancer later speed up when the carcinoma progresses into the advanced stages.

Prostate cancer is the ninth most common form of cancer in the world, and the most common non skin cancer among American men. More than two hundred thousand men are diagnosed with the condition in the United States alone, and close to twenty thousand men die each year from the condition, making it also the second highest cause of male cancer deaths in America. The figures are smaller in Canada, but the status is generally the same.

Scientists and medical experts still do not know the exact cause of prostate cancer, but it has been put down to an uncertain mix of factors. The risk factors for prostate cancer are thus age, race, genetics, diet, lifestyle, and medications.

There are other factors, but they generally appear to vary with respect to people and locations. The age factor is perhaps the most obvious: men younger than 45 years old hardly ever experience the disease, but about 65% of men over 65 years old generally get diagnosed.

The race and genetics factor are also close behind: in the United States, African American men are almost twice as predisposed to prostate cancer than most of the other racial groups in the country; and once a member of a family has been diagnosed with the disease, all the other men have a doubled risk of developing prostate cancer.

Diet-wise, certain foods have been implicated as increasing the risk of various forms of cancer, put down as high fat diets, foods rich in vitamin A palmitate, and processed foods. Low intake of various forms of natural vitamins also features as increasing the risk of the disease. If this were to be reversed in favor of certain herbs and a vegetable diet which allows for fish ad fish oils, the patient could register a reduced risk of prostate cancer over a period of time.

By way of lifestyle, men who do not exercise often enough find themselves having to deal with more disease generally than other men who are in the habit of working out more regularly.

This is sincerely true even for prostate cancer incidence, so that men looking to reduce their risk of the disease should start to exercise a bit more often. They should also work on stress management to maintain overall body balance and general health. According to certain medical philosophies, this reduces cancer risk in no small way.

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