What You Should Know About Fatigue and Prostate Cancer

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Fatigue is synonymous with prostate cancer as a symptom or as side effects of the condition. This state of the body is often described as paralyzing as the body gets weaker and weaker. If you have been diagnosed of having cancer of the prostate, or that you have a loved one facing this ordeal, then it is important to get help on how to deal with fatigue before, during or after treatment of the cancer. The paragraphs below highlights basic information about cancer-related fatigue you have to know.

For a start, there are many distinct symptoms that mark prostate cancer that has become aggressive (the early symptoms usually do not manifest). These include: difficulty in passing out urine, difficulty in initiating urine, difficulty in engaging in sexual activities, pains in the lower abdomen, blood in the urine, blood in the semen, etc. Fatigue is another major symptom that affects most people with this condition. It is loss of strength and energy. This may be confused with tiredness but it has a deeper connotation since things that can relieve tiredness may not do so for fatigue.

Likely causes of fatigue in prostate cancer

The following are highlights of the common factors that are likely to cause fatigue in the person dealing with prostate cancer symptoms or as the side effects of treatment.

  • Cancer treatments – Most treatments prescribed for patients often cause fatigue. These treatments include Chemotherapy, Radiation, and combination therapy. Fatigue could be side effect reported by patients because the effect of these treatments may lead to the reduction of blood counts or anemia. With loss of blood count, oxygen body is deprived of oxygen and eventually fatigue sets in.
  • Cancerous Tumors – As cancer cells grow on the prostate, they compete with normal or healthy cells for nutrients inside the body. Naturally, since the healthy cells are deprived from getting enough nutrients, the body of the patients begins to experience fatigue.
  • Other known causes of fatigue for a prostate cancer victim include: some medications used to counter side effects like depression, pain, nausea and anxiety; stress, depression, severe pain, and decreased nutrition when dealing with the side effects of treatments.

How to treat Fatigue associated with Prostate cancer

The exact cause of fatigue is not known but several factors are associated with it. Therefore, it is important to identify these underlying factors in order to combat the fatigue. While the patient can manage the conditions on his own, with the help of doctors and other health care providers you can still combat this extreme state of tiredness. Therefore, you should try and see your doctor once you begin to notice any sign of fatigue.

Finally, some of the warning signs include uncontrolled pain, shortness of breath, ongoing depression, uncontrolled anxiety or nervousness, etc.


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