What YOU And All Prostate Cancer Patients Must Do To Stay Alive Longer

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So you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer?

So you have been given a limited prognosis?

But take it from me… it doesn’t matter.

As life threatening as prostate cancer is, it is not a killer disease. You still have time and lots of time for that matter.

If you, as a prostate cancer patient, think it is a killer disease, then let me ask you…

Would you prefer this prostate cancer that gives you time before it kills you to a heart attack that comes without warning and hardly ever gives you time to even stop and contemplate what else to do. Heart attacks take victims out instantly… without even a moment to put certain things in place.

But with prostate cancer you have time… time to still do a lot of things and most importantly, time to plan out strategies of fighting it.

Isn’t this interesting? A disease that gives you time to discover it and time to rid yourself of it.

If only all diseases were like that, the world would be a better place, right?

Don’t get me wrong. What I am trying to pass across you all prostate cancer patients is that the fact that you have prostate cancer isn’t the end of the world. You still have time to fight it and time to win the fight.

In winning the fight against prostate cancer, below are few of the things you need to do.

– You need to get fully informed about prostate cancer and everything you need to do to deal with the situation – with the end sight of getting better.

– You need to be in constant touch with your doctor to take the best medication for prostate cancer. If need be, you have to stop the spread of the prostate cancer from getting to other parts of your body. Even if a surgical castration is the way to go, go ahead with it. Your survival is what is important here.

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