What You Absolutely Have To Know About The Various Prostate Cancer Stages

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There are different prostate cancer stages that doctors examine to know the type of treatment to give to the prostate cancer victim.

Knowing the prostate cancer stage is very important because prostate cancer is a disease that has different stages.

If the cancer hasn’t spread outside the prostate and is not causing any problem for the victim, this is a very early stage and doesn’t give reasons for concern as the stage where it has spread to other parts of the body.

But knowing the early stage of prostate cancer helps in the early treatment and this goes a long way in saving the life of the victim.

The known prostate cancer stages include:

Stage I (also known as localized)- In this stage of prostate cancer, the cancer can only be found in the prostate and hasn’t spread to other parts of the body.

Stage II (also known as localized but more advanced than Stage I)- In this stage II the cancer still hasn’t spread outside the prostate, but it is much more advanced than stage I.

Stage III (also known as locally advanced)- In this stage III, the cancer has now spread beyond the outer layer of the prostate and it has spread to the nearby tissues. So, this stage III is more serious than both stage II and stage I.

Stage IV (also known as advanced metastatic)- This is a very serious stage of prostate cancer. In this stage IV, the cancer has spread outside the prostate into other parts of victim’s body.

Recurrent – This is when the prostate cancer has been treated but has now reappeared.

Treatment of the prostate cancer has to be done knowing the exact stage of the prostate cancer. If the doctor doesn’t know the exact stage, it would be a Herculean task determining the exact treatment to give.

That is why the first thing that is done is proper prostate cancer test to determine the exact prostate cancer stage. It is the stage of the prostate cancer that will determine the treatment to give and the chances of survival of the victim.

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