What To Ask About Prostate Cancer -Questions and Likely Answers You Will Get from the Doctor

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If you or your loved one has not been in a good state of health and you decide to go for a test in a doctor’s office, you may be diagnosed with Prostate cancer. This will depend on the symptoms or signs you complained to the doctor. If you don’t understand what prostate cancer means, this article will show you the required questions you must ask your doctor about prostate cancer. Also, you will read about the possible answers to expect from the physician.

To start with, prostate cancer is the abnormal growth of cancerous cells on the prostate gland (an organ which is found below the bladder of men). This growth can lead to the development of tumor and can metastasize into other vital organs of the body. The mortality rate of prostate cancer victims is high. Men who are 50 years and above are at higher risk of contracting this disease.

Blood tests, rectal exams, urine tests, etc are usually applied in diagnosing the condition and the doctor will explain how each is applied. You can still ask him other important questions as categorized below.

What are the causes of prostate cancer?
Researches have shown that this condition is caused by many factors. These factors will include: age, hormonal imbalance, genetics, high level of testosterone, and obesity. These factors are the common causes on which treatment procedures for the condition are based.

What are the stages of prostate cancer?
There are four stages of cancer of the prostate. These stages are stages I, II, III, and IV. The early stage of this condition is the stage I when there are no visible signs of this disease. The stage IV is the extreme stage in which the cancer cells metastasize and affect other important organs of the body. The higher the number of the stage, the higher the risk of the symptoms to the patient.

What are the treatments for Prostate cancer?
There are two categories of treatments. These can be referred to as conventional and alternative treatments. Conventional treatments include the application of medical procedures like Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Radical Prostatectomy, and the use of androgen hormonal therapy drugs. Alternative treatments include the use of herbs, yoga, Tai chi, vitamin supplementation, and observation of certain lifestyle.

The above questions and the answers that accompany each are a summary of what to expect from your doctor if you were diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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