What Organs Affect Prostate Cancer – Learn More about The Metastasis of the disease

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Prostate type of cancer is called prostate cancer because it is a cancer that originates from the prostate. The prostate itself, known more specifically as the prostate gland, is a chestnut-shaped organ located next to the bladder and surrounding the urethra, which produces the prostate fluid that makes up most of the liquid part of semen. However, like most cancers known to man, prostate carcinoma never really stays in the prostate. It takes a while (several years most times, because it is slow growing) to mature, and then is starts to metastasize to other parts of the body.

Other organs affected by prostate cancer metastasis are the bones, the lymphatic system, and the blood. In actual fact, metastatic prostate malignant tumor is incident in the blood, through which the cancerous cells are able to travel the entire body and infect just about anything that they come in contact with. It just so happens that the pelvis is in the immediate vicinity of the prostate organ, and the cancer generally appears to have an affinity for the bones; as such, these are the regions of the body worst affected by the spread of the cancerous cells.

The urethra is affected too, especially noticeable when the earliest symptoms of prostate cancer start to appear. Incidentally, in the early stages of the disease there are no symptoms, so that by the time these symptoms appear the disease is already advancing and getting that much more difficult to treat. The first signs of cancer type of prostate metastasis therefore are pains and difficulty in urination, blood in urine, and blood in semen, depicting that the prostate is enlarged and that it is now obstructing the flow of fluid through the tube leading from the bladder to the penis.

Lower back pain and pain in the hips signify that those organs are getting infested by the disease as well because as the cancer further advances, it causes regions of higher and lower densities in the bones, causing them to weaken and become susceptible to fracture. This is the same thing that occurs in the vertebrae, in the ribs, and in the femur when the cancer is able to get to them.

Certain manifestations of prostate cancer are so aggressive that they even metastasize to the brain of the patient as well. Being as aggressive as they are, these forms of prostate carcinoma are hardly even noticeable before they are that advanced, and then they are also much harder to treat. The lymph nodes typically get the worst of it, being synonymous with the bloodstream, those close to the prostate are hit first and worst, resulting in swelling; and when those further away are hit, things really aren’t looking too good for the patient anymore.

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One Response to “What Organs Affect Prostate Cancer – Learn More about The Metastasis of the disease”
  1. Aparna says:

    i worked with a guy who had anccer in his lymph nodes,doc’s told him the outlook was grim,nothing they could do. he told them remove the lymph nodes,they said it wouldn’t change outcome,but he had them removed. that was ten years ago,he’s in perfect health today. doc’s don’t know everything(i have the utmost respect for good medical people)medical knowledge has come a really long way in ten years.

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