What Is The Fifth Stage Of Prostate Cancer?

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Prostate cancer is the development of tumor, which may become malignant on the prostate gland (the small walnut size organ that is located below the bladder and urethra or men). If cancer appears in the prostate it will metastasize and spread to attack other healthy tissues of the body. Statistics have shown that prostate cancer is the second killer of men.

This condition usually affects men who are 60 years and above. Of course this does not mean that younger men are not susceptible to it. Apart from age, other factors that are risk factors of prostate cancer include genetics, diet, lifestyle and the taking of certain medications. There are different stages of prostate cancer, which are recognized by researchers. While some say prostate cancer stages are four, others say they are five. This article is going to look at an overview of what the fifth stage of prostate cancer is.

What is the fifth stage of prostate cancer?

While many say the so-called fifth stage is really the fourth stage, whichever they still mean the final stages of the condition. This is one that has been identified through the Gleason Score system. This stage is the most dangerous stage of the disease because the chances of survival for a patient in this stage are low. The cancer cells in the fifth stage are not localized but metastasize beyond the prostate region. It will also be of interest for you to know that in the fifth stage of prostate cancer, tumor cells overtake the gland and make it difficult to be recognized.

The fifth stage of prostate cancer is treated with ADT ?Androgen Deprivation Therapy. The level of androgen in body is cut off because researches have shown that one of the risk factors of prostate cancer high level of this male sexual hormone (androgen) in the body. So, inhibiting the level of androgen in the body is a treatment option for the fifth stage of prostate cancer. Also, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and cyrotherapy are other procedures that can be recommended by the doctor.

It is preferable to go for early diagnosis so that early treatment can be started to suppress the spread or progression of the cancer from the lower stages to the worst fourth or fifth stages.

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