What Does Prostate Cancer Look Like – Understanding This Malignant Tumor

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If you are wondering what prostate cancer looks like, this article may be invaluable to you.

It provides you with some background information about prostate cancer and then a video is shown to give you with better understanding of the condition.

Information provided here are basics but surely they can help you get full understanding of what prostate cancer look like. Read on.

What is prostate cancer?

This is a cancer or malignant tumor that originates from the prostate gland. This gland is located below the bladder and encircling the urethra. The shape and size of the prostate gland is like a walnut. For unknown reason, the cells begin to grow uncontrollably and may develop to other parts of the body.

The exact reason why prostate cancer develops from the prostate gland as well as other parts of the body is not known. However, some factors have been pin-pointed as risk factors that could make a man susceptible to this type of cancer.

These factors include: Age, diet, lifestyle, race, and family history. If a man is 50 years and above, he is more at risk of developing this disease (younger men can still be affected by prostate cancer).

Eating diets that contain properties that could become toxic to the cells can lead to cancer. Family history or gene plays an important role in this disease because men whose parents or progenitors have been diagnosed with this condition are more susceptible to be diagnosed of the disease.

Observing of certain lifestyle like indulging in smoking, drinking alcohol, and lack of exercise can promote prostate cancer, etc.

Prostate cancer travels or spreads from localized region of the prostate gland into the bloodstream and then to other parts of the body. Metastases prostate cancer is that which has spread from the gland to other vital organs like the lymph node, kidney, bones, heart, and lungs.

The more spread a prostate cancer is, the more dangerous it is for the man. In other words, the survival chance of a man with prostate cancer is reduced if he has metastases prostate cancer than when he still has localized prostate cancer.

The symptoms of prostate cancer may not show at early stages, but as the stage progresses certain signs are experienced or diagnosed in individuals with this condition. These symptoms include: difficulty in urination, difficulty in having ejaculation, need to frequently urinate, pains while urinating, pains in the lower back, blood in the urine and semen, fatigue, and some other symptoms.

What does prostate cancer look like – video

Watch the video below for more understanding of what prostate cancer look like:

So, you now have idea of what prostate cancer looks like. Your doctor can provide you with more facts and images about this disease that is killing more than 30,000 Americans every year. Yes, prostate cancer is the second highest killer of all cancer diseases for men after lung cancer.

It is also the most popular cancer after skin cancer. Various treatments have been developed to treat the condition over the years. These include surgical removal of the prostate, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and Cryotherapy.

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