What Are The Signs of Prostate Cancer?

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I know why you are asking for the main signs of cancer of the prostate. You have either just recently heard that it’s a killer disease and so you should be on the lookout for it, or someone you know has just died or being diagnosed of it. Well, whatever your reason is, this article will help you. It provides more insights into the signs of this condition to help you better understand and deal with it.

While a lot of words can be used to describe or explain the signs of this cancer, it can also be put in just one sentence, thus:

Pain, slow and gradually building pain that eventually gets to be blinding; and bleeding!

Please read the above carefully to understand what the real signs of this condition are. Many people don’t really understand and so they make mistakes when talking about the symptoms they are experiencing. Many might not even be symptoms of the condition at all.

To know more on these and to be a much better-informed individual, whether for your sake or that of your loved ones who might suffer from the condition, keep reading and it will become clearer…

During development, prostate cancer often eventually causes difficult or painful urination, which may become frequent urination, especially at night; and also blood in the urine or semen. There are times when you might feel some pain also in your lower back, your pelvis, and/or in your upper thighs; this would indicate that the mutated prostate cancer cells have eventually metastasized to your ribs, pelvis, and other bones, which is not too uncommon. You may end up with some degree of urinary dysfunction and also some problems with sexual function and performance, such as difficulty achieving erection or painful ejaculation.

And finally, late stage or advanced prostate cancer can cause metastatic prostate tumors in your spine to compress your spinal cord and result in leg weakness and urinary and fecal incontinence. These are more signs of the condition that just might indicate the presence of the condition.

However, these happen when you allow the disease to get beyond the initial early stage, which you must not. Find a way; get in touch with your doctor as soon as you are at increased risk, and have yourself tested to see if there is a growing tumor inside your prostate gland. You are at increased risk of prostate cancer when you cross the forty year old mark; some people even think it’s earlier than that 40 year mark.

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