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Vitamin D is ordinarily a necessary mineral in the human body for normal bone formation and for retention of calcium and phosphorus in the body. It also protects the teeth and bones against the effects of low calcium intake by making more effective use of calcium and phosphorus. Also called the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D can be obtained from a diet of egg yolks, liver, tuna, and of course vitamin-D fortified milk.

Naturally, the substance is manufactured in the body when sterols commonly found in many foods migrate to the skin and become irradiated by sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is often referred to as rickets and is characterized by deformities of the rib cage and skull and by bowlegs, due to failure of the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus. It is rare in regions where sunlight is abundant, and where the use of vitamin D-fortified milk is abundant; and as will be showed by this article, vitamin D deficiency may be a major causal factor of prostate cancer incidence.

Vitamin D – prostate cancer Treatment

For a while now, it has been suspected that lower blood levels of vitamin D could get to increase the risk of developing prostate cancer in several men in the United States. This may be linked to the lower exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, as alluded to earlier in the article, which is reasonable considering that UV light exposure tends to increase vitamin D in the body.

Evidence from epidemiological studies supports the protective roles that can be obtained from higher plasma levels of vitamin D in the body. According to the results obtained from a UK study, a single once daily dose of the substance over a short period of time significantly reduced the PSA level in about twenty percent of the patients included in the study by as much as half. As you well know, the PSA level, although not conclusive of prostate cancer, also acts as an indicator of severity of disease once it has been established that a patient suffers from it.

The researchers iterated that the increased interest in vitamin D for the treatment of cancer of the prostate was as a result of other results that were gotten from studies that linked the natural mineral to increased risk of the malignancy of the prostate. One canvasser in particular stated that even though these “findings were encouraging,” they still needed to determine what the results would be like when the same intervention was attempted over a larger population people or patients.

The specifics of these results are to be published in the journal BJU International, so you might want to look out for it there. You should be informed though, that the chemical composition of vitamin D makes it fat-soluble so that it can be stored in the body. As a consequence, excessive consumption of it puts a man at risk of vitamin poisoning, kidney damage, lethargy, and loss of appetite.

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  1. Don Peat says:

    UVB is the ONLY significant source of vitamin D without resorting to artificial sources. A lifeguard can have 100 ng/ml blood level at the end of summer. Pale skin can produce the equivalent of 1000 IU per minute with whole body exposure.

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