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The United State Department for Veterans Affairs (VA) has been charged with overseeing and enforcing the prostate cancer compensation for United State military veterans who served in Vietnam during the war from 1962 to 1975. It is a rather wide range, but it is necessary if all the men who could have been exposed to Agent Orange are to be attended to, because it has now been established that they are indeed at increased risk of developing cancer of the prostate, a slow growing killer disease that kills an excess of 20,000 men in the United States alone every year.

To that end, the provisos in the Disability Ratings for Prostate cancer have such key points as those that are outlined below:

  • Upon the diagnosis of prostate cancer a rating of 100% is assigned.
  • The rating of 100% continues until 6 months have elapsed from the end of surgical, X-ray,   chemotherapy, or any other therapeutic procedure.
  • After the 6 months have elapsed, a mandatory VA examination takes place.
  • The rating going forward depends on the results of this exam.
  • If there has been no local recurrence or metastasis of the prostate tumor, the rate of residual payments will depend on the degree, if present, of either voiding dysfunction or renal dysfunction.

Agent Orange, for that matter, is a very potent herbicide that was used to spray the bushes in Vietnam in order to kill them and thus ‘smoke’ out the hiding Vietcong that hid in them. Unfortunately the biochemical substance contained also a byproduct that is now known to be a highly potent carcinogen – dioxin.

Nobody paid it much attention until the late 70s and early 80s when a class action arose from veterans in that war demanding a $180 million dollar compensation for the ills they had suffered. Still today there are those who think the claim is more farce than fact, but there is not denying the fact that dioxins have a high risk of causing prostate cancer, and that several veterans have in fact been diagnosed with the disease and some are even now dead.

To that end the resulting VA Schedule For Rating Disabilities specifically made arrangements to aid prostate cancer victims who also served in Vietnam in those years, making specific offers in sections 4.115a and 4.115b in Part 4 of the VA disability rating, which can be found online and other articles on this website related to VA Prostate Cancer Compensation.

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