Treatment For End Stage Prostate Cancer That Can Save Your Life

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Many people call the advanced stage of prostate cancer end stage prostate cancer.

But I always find it strange to call it end stage prostate cancer because this is a defeatist kind of word to use to depict a situation that has got out of control.

Yes, there comes a stage in prostate cancer that the cancer grows outside the prostate into other parts of the body. But this shouldn’t be referred to as an ‘end stage prostate cancer’ because a lot can still be done to treat the victim and still keep him here longer.

There is nothing like an end stage situation unless one is absolutely 100% sure that there is no way out of it? like getting to the end of a road.

But with prostate cancer, even at the advanced stage IV a lot can still be done to keep the victim alive longer.

There are now very helpful treatments for this so called end stage prostate cancer.

So, if you feel you have the end stage prostate cancer and is now time to start packing it up, you shouldn’t. There is still a lot of hope for you.

For starters, talk to your doctor on the best kind of prostate cancer treatment to take for this critical stage. For most victims at the stage IV or advanced metastatic stage, below are the treatments offered:

  • Hormone therapy
  • External-beam radiotherapy with or without any hormone therapy
  • Watchful waiting
  • Chemotherapy

There are now indeed powerful anti-prostate cancer medicines that attack and kill the cancer cells either in the prostate or even outside the prostate.

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