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Knowing the different stages of prostrate cancer is very important. There are five main stages of prostate cancer that you should be concerned with. When you are thinking of the treatment, remember that there are different modes of treatment for these various stages of the condition.

The first stage of prostrate cancer is referred to as the T-1. This is the stage where the microscopic tumors can be found in the prostate and detection is mainly via biopsy or blood test because other types of tests like ultrasound and rectal exams won’t detect it – since it’s at the very early stage.

The second stage of the illness is referred to as the T2. Unlike the T-1 stage that the cancer can’t be detected with ultrasound and rectal exams, the tumors in this T2 stage can be detected using an ultrasound or a digital rectal examination. This stage is still early because the tumor is mostly only within the prostate section.

The third stage of prostate cancer is referred to as the T3. This is the stage that is dangerous as the cancer has started to metastasize (spread). If not arrested in good time, it would spread to the seminal vesicles and other tissues around.

The fourth stage of this disease is referred to as the T4. This is also a very dangerous stage because the cancer has started negatively affecting the other tissues and organs which are close to the prostate.

What is the fifth stage of prostate cancer? The fifth stage of the condition is the DANGER stage where the cancer would have completely metastasized (spread) to the entire body of the victim. In this stage, the cancer would have spread to the other organs, the bones, and even the lymph nodes. Also known as the N+ (when it has affected the pelvic lymph nodes) as well as the M+ stage (when it has affected the other organs, the bones as well as the lymph nodes), this stage is pretty difficult to survive.

These last stages are usually referred to as the end stage 2b prostate cancer and even stage Iv prostate cancer 2b mortality.

As you can see, the various stages of Prostrate Cancer should show you that when detected in good time (before it gets to the more dangerous stages), the cancer can be effectively treated. So – it’s always critically important for you to do all you can to stay safe from this illness.

Even though you can’t be 100% sure of preventing it, you can make it a duty to constantly go for tests and checkups (at least once or twice per year, if you are over 40 or 50 years old) to be sure to detect it anytime it crops it’s ugly head – before it gets to the danger stages.

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