Stage IV Prostrate Cancer 2b Bone Mets

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Whether you refer to it as Stage IV prostrate cancer 2b Bone Mets or Prostate Cancer Stage IV 2b Bone Mets, it is usually characterized by extensive bone metastasis of the cancerous tumor which, at best, is a major problem for both the patient and the doctor. They say prostate cancer is curable; and that is true, but mostly only in early stages of the disease, when the cancer is still confined to the prostate gland, or when it is only locally advanced. Even when locally advanced, prostate cancer constitutes a problem that could require a blend of two or three remedies in order to curtail and perhaps cure the disease.

But bone metastasis is a different matter all together. Many say the chances for bone metastatic prostate cancer 2b survival is slim, but are they right? Let’s find out. You see, prostate cancer cells tend to have an affinity for the bones in the body, so as soon as they have had the chance to grow within the prostate gland without being discovered or adequately treated, they migrate into the bloodstream, through the lymphatic system, and on to the bone. Often the bone pain that results starts from the hips or pelvis, but it very rapidly spreads to the lower back, and then to the ribs. The proximal part of the thigh bone is often next, while the disease actually could also goes as far as the feet and even the skull.

Bone metastasis of prostate cancer cells in the vertebrae is often awful too, because the cancerous cells tend to pile up and begin to compress the spinal cord. In addition to the characteristic bone pain that the patient must have been suffering by now, he also begins to suffer from leg weakness as a result, and even fecal and urinary incontinence. Naturally, due to pain during sexual intercourse and even more pain at ejaculation, coupled with blood in ejaculate that the patient must have experienced since earlier stages of the disease, sex is out of the question.

But even though doctors will often clearly say that there is no cure at this stage of prostate cancer, they’d also be very quick to admit that there are treatments that can help in no small way. Yes, there are prostate cancer D bone metastasis treatments. The patient may worry more about the pain, but the doctors would be most concerned that the disease does not continue to metastasize? at least not at the current rate. To slow the disease down, hormonal therapy is often administered to remove the critical DHT fuel that the melanoma uses. Secondly, chemotherapy may also be applied to kill the cancer cells, slow the disease progression, and postpone the symptoms; and thirdly radiation treatment to manage the pain.

Also for the pain, bisphosphonates may be given to the patient, specifically targeted toward bone pain relief. Zoledronic acid is one such, which may delay bone fracture. And finally, attempts can be made to even double life expectancy by a prostatectomy.

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