Spectral Imaging Module For Prostate Cancer?

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Many people are interested these days in learning all they can about prostate cancer because of the increasing rate of people dying of the disease.

It is good to know all you can about prostate cancer, including what causes it, the various types, treatments, etc.

Someone once asked me about spectral imaging module for prostate cancer. In my research of the subject I came across a “Spectral Imaging for Phenotype Analysis of Cancer Cells” project.

This project was to develop a novel screening system with the primary purpose of supporting cancer diagnosis, tumor staging, and prognostication based on the measurement of the gene expression at the RNA level.

What I discovered from this project was that tumors in the body progress mainly because of the accumulation of genetic changes.

It also revealed that the genetic changes in the body then manifest themselves in the altered and the measurable expression of one or more genes.

Also in my search for spectral imaging module for prostate cancer, I found a company called Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI).

ASI has developed and even commercialized a kind of gold standard technique which it calls SKYView. It identifies and also displays all the chromosomes it finds in unique colors. It is a single-user multiplexing kind of system, mainly for the cytogenetics market.

Its relation to cancer is that it can be used to point out chromosomal aberrations. And these aberrations are usually always an indication of cancer.

It has another newly released product called CGHView- a high resolution and comparative genomic hybridization is mainly aimed at the cancer research population.

I learnt all the above during my search for spectral imaging module for prostate cancer.

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