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You can call it the study of a situation, or an analysis of a particular case, using it as a basis for drawing conclusions in similar situations of people with prostate cancer; or you can call it something else ? a record of treatment perhaps, of a patient’s prostate cancer condition, the progression of the disease, the complications that arose in the process of treatment, and how they were dealt with by the doctor. However way you may think of it, there is totally no reason why you should think that a prostate cancer case study should be taken for granted.

Quite a number of doctors take the time to publish the results that they obtain or observe in certain cases of prostate cancer patients that they treat ? they don’t have to be researchers or anything; they might just be professionals who think that the rest of the medical community, and indeed the entire world, should be aware of their findings because these findings could very easily mean that an actual irrefutable ‘cure’ has been found for the cell prostate mutating condition. Some of these findings have been published in journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine Prostate Cancer, Mayo Clinic Prostate Cancer Study Urology Journal, Vasectomy Prostate Cancer Journal, etc.

Research has been ongoing for literal ages to improve on prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment and curb the immensely high death rate around the world from the debilitating disease. So far, advancements have indeed been made, with better and better treatment processes popping up all the time; although most of them still have some side effects that men would rather live without. However, no one can claim to have a true lasting ‘cure’ for prostate cancer just yet.

So, the researchers keep up, but the work is overwhelming. Besides, there’s no easy way to be sure that the test subjects that they are working with are the ideal test subjects that will provide answers to cure the majority in the world that are diagnosed with the malignancy each year. As such, they can use all the help that they can get, and practicing physicians are not exactly even waiting to be called upon. When they stumble upon unique cases, in several instances they make their conclusions known to the general public, or at least to the medical community, so that better inferences can be drawn.

It was ironically in a movie that I saw the potential importance of such efforts. A doctor apparently cured an incurable disease and thought that he had a right to patent the cure. He did, but he had not really cured anything. However if he had been open and forthcoming with his findings, he could have avoided a great deal of embarrassment. Too bad; but that was a movie.

Truth, sometimes, is stranger than fiction, and when you need information about a disease like prostate cancer, you should seek out the journals that have been put together about them by the medical community. Better still, you should seek out the journals that have had the privilege of a scholarly peer review. Without the review, there simply is no way you can be entirely certain that the doctor who wrote the article or thesis isn’t just ranting and living in a world of his own. Such a case study would be so misleading. And yes, there exists several prostate cancer treatment journal articles that can help you improve your understanding of this condition.

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