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Prostate cancer is treatable, curable even; especially when you are fortunate enough to be diagnosed for the disease when it is still in the early stages. But there are instances in which the carcinoma gets to spread from the prostate gland, through the bloodstream, through the lymph nodes, to the bones all over the body. At this stage, the cancer is difficult to treat. Worse still there are times when a cancer is recurrent and refuses to go even after the best treatments have been administered. This is another problem, and solving it is what this article is about.

One of the earliest treatment attempts for such a condition will very likely be hormonal therapy, in which the patient is either castrated (has his testicles removed surgically) or administered oral hormone treatment drugs to suppress the production of the hormones that contribute to the growth of prostate cancer ? testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Usually, this will cause the tumor to shrink even though it doesn’t actually cure the cancer, because it is being starved of the fuel it needs to grow. If this has not been attempted before, it will be attempted now because it does slow the progression of the cancer.

Should hormone treatments have been attempted previously, it might be safe to consider such recurrent prostate malignant tumors hormone refractory, implying that different methods will have to be applied in the attempt to cure it. All available prostate condition treatments are best administered in the early stages of the disease; however, this particular instance might require a combination of therapies.

It has been known that chemotherapy is probably the best salvage for recurrent prostate cancer of this nature, because of the way the drugs affect the cancerous cells, causing cell apoptosis. While this is ongoing, radiation therapy may also be used to kill the melanomas, while surgeries may only be attempted if the cancerous cells are found to be small enough to make them operable.

Currently, some researches are ongoing in the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Services center to determine how to salvage cryotherapy in recurrent prostate malignant cancer that might pan out. You can opt to be a part of this procedure by simply signing up to join as the test subject. But until the results are finally out, you might have to keep using pain medication, external radiation therapy, brachytherapy or internal radiotherapy using radioisotopes, biological therapy, and palliative treatments.

Palliative care is often offered in the late stages of prostate kind of cancer progression when it is believed that the patient is not likely to survive the disease. This time, it is mainly focused at alleviating the symptoms of the disease and improving the quality of life as it progresses.

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