Ray of Prostate Cancer – Onset and Progression

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The debilitating disease prostate cancer, is essentially a mutation of the cells of your prostate gland into cancerous tissues or tumors over an extended period of time, such that the mutated cells begin to multiply rapidly and graduate into a full blown cancer that might not be enough to kill you before something else does, or that could just take off so rapidly you’d never know what hit you until you are one of the causalities. The thing about prostate cancer is that it can be difficult to control or manage sometimes; even difficult to understand and predict. That is why it remains the leading cause of death amongst men in the United States? ok, the second leading cause, right after lung cancer.

The onset of prostate cancer is subtle and extremely difficult to grab a hold of, for all intents and purposes because there are simply no outward symptoms that can be noticed readily by the sufferer, or even by the doctor treating them. As a matter of fact, a patient could live with the condition for several years ? decades, even ? and never be aware of it. On several occasions, by the time the first symptoms of the disease are beginning to show forth, the patient could be so far gone with some other kind of disease, ailment, or malady that another new one hardly matters. This is even realer when you think that this person is most likely already over sixty five years of age and is looking only to a casual old age, and to die in peace. Chances are that old age will get him first anyhow, because prostate cancer also is a disease that grows on you so slowly that you might not see it coming.

In order to detect prostate cancer early, before it gets the chance to metastasize or spread to other parts of your body, you might have to make very good use of your health insurance. That’s right; you are to do everything in your power to get no less than one full medical checkup carried out on you annually by a qualified physician. The quickest and earliest test for the syndrome is the digital physical examination in which the doctor reaches into your colon to feel against your prostate for any signs of tumors or mutated cells. This is done with a gloved finger, and even though it is far from conclusive, if it provides reason for suspicion, it could be the beginning of a whole series of diagnostic procedures that might culminate in a prostate biopsy which will eventually confirm that you have the disease or not.

So say you have prostate cancer, the earliest symptoms that you might begin to feel are such symptoms as pain while urinating or pain while having sex. It gets worse when you start to see blood in your urine or semen, and when you start having trouble getting an erection. At this point it is only a question of limited time before gradual metastasis commences, which could lead to a lot of bone pain from your hip and pelvic bones, your ribs, your backbone (and even the spinal cord), and your femur. The disease takes a preference for bones, although it is known to attack a lot of soft tissues in the body also. You don’t want it to get to the point where it seriously arrests you feces and urine. At that point, the progression of prostate cancer may be too far gone for you to do anything real about it anymore.

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One Response to “Ray of Prostate Cancer – Onset and Progression”
  1. David C. says:

    I’m hoping prostate cancer isn’t that debilitating…my father has it, and so did my grandfather on my mother’s side. I know I begin checking for it as soon as my late 30s. If I do happen to have it, I hope I detected it real early, and that treatment has improved since then.

    The part that scares me the most is impotence. I will probably keep on doing an erection strengthening routine that I do now..I think it would help.

    I wrote a blog about this today; it also has info on the erection exercises today:

    The use of Viagra to treat Erectile Dysfunction after a Radical Prostatectomy


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