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Whether you want to know the prostate cancer aggressive questions to ask your doctor or just the particular questions about prostate cancer surgery to ask, this article provides some of the most important questions to ask your doctor about prostate cancer.

As you might obviously know by now, prostate type of cancer is the malignant tumor that develops in the prostate gland of men. This cancer is one of the highest killer cancers of men. In the United States, it is estimated that Black African American men have the highest rate of prostate cancer prevalence than White men or Hispanics.

Below are 5 important questions to ask your doctor about prostate cancer and the possible answers that will help you:

1. What is the cause of prostate cancer?

The exact cause of prostate cancer is unknown. However, certain risk factors have been identified to increase the risk of an individual getting prostate cancer. These risk factors include: age, genetics, diets, medications, hormones, and lifestyles. Statistics have shown that men who are more than 50 years old have the higher rate of this condition than younger men. Also, men that have inherited cancer cells from their progenitors are at risk of this condition in later stages of their lives.

2. What are the prostate cancer signs and symptoms?

The common symptoms of those with prostate cancer include ? difficulty in urination, blood in urine, lethargy, low back pain, weak urine flow, painful ejaculation, inability to control the flow of urine, unexpected loss of weight, blood in semen, etc. These symptoms are peculiar with those whose cancers have progressed to an advanced stage.

3. What are the stages of prostate cancer?

There are four basic stages of prostate cancer but some medical experts categorize it as five stages. These stages begin from stage I up to stage IV. The stage I is the early stage in which distinct symptoms do not manifest. As the cancer growth on the prostate progresses, the staging increases. Stage IV is the worst stage where the cancer cells has spread or metastasized to other parts of the body.

4. What are the treatment options for prostate cancer?

There are different treatment options for this disease. The most common treatments applied these days are ? chemotherapy, radiation therapy, radical prostatectomy, hormonal therapy, cryotherapy, brachytherapy, etc. The treatment option or combination of options applied for a patient will depend on certain factors like the age of the patient, the stage in which cancer is and other health factors.

5. What is the chance of prostate cancer survival?

Researches carried out on prostate cancer have revealed that most patients diagnosed with prostate cancer have at least a five year prostrate cancer survival rate or chances. If the condition is detected early, the chances of survival will increase. Treatment options like radiation therapy and surgery can be applied to remove the localized prostate cancer cells in the early stages to prevent progression. Thus, life expectancy for early stage prostate cancer patient will increase if there is early detection and treatment, unlike the life expectancy for advanced stage IV metastatic prostate cancer. Also, avoiding certain risk factors like fatty diet and obesity will increase the chances of survival for the patient.

The prostrate cancer questions and answers to ask your doctor above are very important. If you have more such questions, go ahead, ask and your doctors will definitely provide you with the answers in line with the ones stated above

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