Prostrate Cancer Survivors – How to be one of them!

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First things first, below are some of the famous prostate cancer survivors. They are celebrities that most of us know; this goes to prove that no one is spared from prostate cancer. But do you know what’s interesting and what’s encouraging about them? They are prostate cancer survivors. This shows that YOU too can survive the condition!

Nelson Mandela

Yes, the very popular former president of South Africa that spent about 27 years in prison during was diagnosed with the condition in 2001. Thankfully he was able to survive the condition when went through radiation therapy as his treatment for the prostate cancer.

Robert De Niro

Even though De Niro didn’t come out publicly about his condition, he was diagnosed in 2003 and lots of people had the believe that he survived the condition after undergoing a prostatectomy.

Joe Toree

The former manager of the New York Yankees also survived prostate cancer. Unlike Robert De Niro, he was diagnosed way earlier in 1999, but like Robert De Niro he also survived his condition by undergoing prostatectomy.

Rudy Giuliani

The former Mayor of New York also survived prostate cancer after being diagnosed in 2000.

Colin Powell

United States general who was the first African American to serve as chief of staff; later served as Secretary of State under President George W. Bush is also one of the prostate cancer survivors. Powell went through prostate cancer surgery in 2003 and was able to recover completely from the condition.

Arnold Palmer

If you though prostate cancer could keep Palmer away from the green golfing, you thought wrong. He was diagnosed in 1997 but was back on the green golfing 8 weeks after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer.

John Kerry

Diagnosed in 2002 after being detected via the normal PSA test, Kerry has also recovered fully from prostate cancer

Bob Dole

The popular senator also survived the condition after undergoing surgery.


How to be one of them

I know that medical and other forms of treatments are very important for prostate cancer, but I think that the most important determinant for surviving prostate cancer and becoming one of the prostate cancer survivors out there is different from these. Many people might not agree with me, but I have seen lots of cases where people survived prostrate cancer not really because of the medical treatments they used but because… wait for it… they BELIEVED STRONGLY that they would survive the conditions. I am sure it’s such strong beliefs that make it possible for those who are surviving prostate cancer without surgery.

So, as far as I am concerned, the single, most important determinant to surviving prostate cancer or any other type of cancer, for that matter, is the STRONG BELIEVE and conviction that one would survive. You see, no matter how effective the prostate cancer treatment and medication happen to be, if the person has no will to live, he or she won’t live. So – beyond the treatment, the individual has to also have the strong believe and conviction that they will survive the condition. Such strong believe and condition will do wonders for such a person.

Many people who once had prostate cancer and who are now known as prostate cancer survivors testify to the incredibly huge importance and power of people in helping with their own healing, re cancer. People who were given very limited prognosis and who were thought to surely die within a short time from prostate cancer eventually survived it.

So – you should never feel dejected or down because you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and given a limited prognosis. If you work hard on making your believe and conviction very strong that you will survive the condition and be among the many prostate cancer survivors in the world today. Seriously, there are more chances, than not, that you WILL. Didn’t one wise man say “If you think you CAN or you can’t, you are right! You should make the resolve to be among those that have survived prostate cancer and you will be surprised that you WILL.

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