Prostrate Cancer Survival Rates and Prognosis

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Commonly misspelled as Prostrate Cancer, Prostate Cancer continues to kill a lot of men not just in the United States but all over the world.  The survival rates of prostate cancer patients vary with respect to time (or stage) of diagnosis, accuracy of diagnosis or staging, state of health of the patient, and the objective to the treatment administered.

It may be difficult for many to comprehend how all of these matters come in to play, but they do, and an oncologist will always take his time before coming to any projections about how well his patient might fare with certain therapies for prostate cancer.

Early stage prostate cancer can be cured, and thankfully if the American Cancer Society is to be believed most prostate cancers in the United States – about ninety percent, to be more precise – are diagnosed early enough for such treatment.

Over a five year patients, close to hundred percent of such patients are still alive and kicking, and showing no signs of disease relapse. As a matter of fact, a good and solid 93 percent of these patients are still going strong at ten years. At fifteen years, the number drops to a still impressive 77% percent, which might warrant a patient to hope perhaps for twenty.

Right now in the United States, there are lots of prostate cancer survivors living cancer free amongst the general populace and grateful to still be breathing free air fifteen years after initial diagnosis with the disease and the subsequent treatments.

Patients diagnosed with late or advanced stage prostate cancer generally aren’t so lucky. Most of them make it past the three year mark, but several are dead within five years. With very good palliative care, the patient may even push on to eight years, but most experts are even skeptical about that one.

Recent research studies have suggested that there are ways to help the patient live perhaps twice as long as that, but perhaps considering the challenges with dealing with bone metastasis, and bone pain, and disease progression, and all the other factors that relate with advanced prostatic adenocarcinoma, the prostate remains gloomy. That notwithstanding, researchers are back at work trying to confirm if prostatectomy and radiation therapy for advanced prostate cancer really do the trick.

In order to slow the progression of the disease and aid the patient in managing the symptoms, a lot of effort and medications may be employed.

For instance, the man may have to undergo both chemotherapy and the injection of radioisotopes in order to deal with the pain and slow PSA doubling times. It is normal also for the doctor to explore the relief provided by late stage radiation therapy; and if hormonal therapy still works, he will certainly be on those medications. But they generally still don’t expect him to live beyond eight years, unless some new treatment pops up today that makes it possible… and comfortable.

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