Prostrate Cancer Herbal Remedies Work or Not?

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Prostate health is an issue important to men of all ages; prostate cancer is something that can occur at any age during adulthood, although it is certainly a lot more prevalent in men that are over the age of 50 (more specifically age 65). There are a lot of treatments that work well enough as remedies for prostate cancer, but everyone knows that preventing a disease is a lot better than curing or treating it once the disease is there.

Prostate cancer is certainly a disease worth preventing, and herbal remedies are about the best way to prevent the condition. More than that, they are also very helpful during treatment of the adenocarcinoma anyhow, so they apply either way.

Every evidence that there is confirm that prostate herbal remedies help encourage good prostate health; and that is why herbs are growing in popularity and more and more people are turning to natural remedies rather than prescription drugs or conventional prostate cancer treatments or prevention interventions.

One of the most popular herbal remedies that work in the prostate cancer arena is saw palmetto, famous already for prostate health. The berries of the plant have a therapeutic benefit that researchers have extensively studied with promising results. They contain fatty acids and other compounds that are thought to be effective for promoting proper prostate function. And the fact that there are very few side effects for most men, besides perhaps a little stomach upset, makes it all that more appealing.

The stinging nettle is another herb that is growing in popularity and believed to be able to aid in preventing prostate cancer. The herb has some stinging barbs that may be blended with other herbs like the saw palmetto, stinging nettle, pygeum, and quercetin in convenient capsules; or that may be produced all by themselves to aid in keeping the prostate healthy.

One well known product with belended herbs is the Prostate Power Rx. Getting the benefit of multiple ingredients in right quantities is certainly beneficial to prostate health.

Perhaps in a different category, one should also consider hot chili for its remedial effect, especially against advanced prostate cancer. Yes, capsaicin in red peppers has been known to be medicinal for a long time, and now it has been found to aid in the treatment of problematic late stage prostate cancer.

Lycopene also, found in tomatoes and other red pigmented fruits and vegetables is also helpful as a herbal remedy. So perhaps, just sticking with a lot of vegetables and natural foods is as good a herbal remedy for prostate cancer as any.

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