Prostate Cancer Young Men – What You Need To Know

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It is easy to conclude that prostate cancer is a disease that affects the elderly, in particular because there are hundreds of times more men over age sixty that live with the disease in the United States than there are men under the age of forty who have been diagnosed with the condition. But even though this is true, the fact remains that this is one carcinoma known to affect even men that are younger than forty years of age.

Let’s take a look at the facts: reports are that up to eighty percent of men living in the United States that make it up to the age of seventy are eighty percent certain to be diagnosed with the condition before they turn eighty. However, even though the number is small, as much as one in every ten thousand men under the age of forty is still doomed to receive a similar diagnosis.

The prognosis for prostate cancer in young men is not exactly very brilliant because in spite of the fact that there are improved diagnostic and treatment techniques for dealing with prostate type of cancer, cancer specialist rely heavily on the slow progression of the melanoma in conjunction with the usual advanced age of the patient to draw up a life expectancy. Even though the condition is slow growing and there is a wonderful ten-year survival rate, a man under forty is almost doomed to get a relapse of the condition before he turns fifty, at which point treating the disease is likely to be a lot more problematic.

What’s more, the fact that most men do not expect the diagnosis when they are in this age range also causes them not be so vigilant on the lookout for it. As such, they may not even suspect the disease until its physical symptoms begin to appear, at which point the tumor must have grown and start metastasizing out of the prostate. Prostate cancer caught in the early stages can be treated and cured, but when the disease has had the chance to grow like this, there are likely to be a lot more complications.

However, treatment is still necessary, whatever the condition. A prostatectomy will still cure an early stage prostate kind of cancer and leave the patient a ninety three percent confidence of no relapse over the course of the next ten years. And even if the cancer relapses then, treatment still has to be afforded. Hormonal therapy is good for slowing the growth and progression of the disease, and radiation therapy tends to kill the prostate carcinoma cells, wherever they may have metastasized to in the body.

However, the best course of treatment for prostate malignant tumor in young men will have to include a drastic change of lifestyle and diet patterns. It is already known that a strict vegan diet with some fish has a remedial value for the level of PSAs in a patient’s blood, and improved circulation as a result of exercise can actually help in preventing a relapse of the condition. A young man will have to stick to all of these remedies, and even incorporate a few other holistic measures if he is to cure his prostate cancer and hope to stay cured for the rest of his life.

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