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If you are an advocate of Prostate Cancer Watchful Waiting or you are looking for a Prostate Cancer Watchful Waiting blog, then I have some news for you that might not be pleasant. Keep reading. 

A friend of mine recently blurted out to me that one of the things that really baffles and annoys him with prostate cancer information is the so called “watchful waiting” system – where one just leaves the prostate cancer unchecked in his system because he has reached a pretty old age and would soon die any way.

Going further he said he finds it very barbaric as far and alleged that no matter how old he already is, he still has the capacity to live as long as he can… healthily, if possible. He says he just doesn’t like the idea of leaving prostate cancer in his body with the lame excuse inherent in the “prostate cancer treatment watchful waiting” debate.

As far as he’s concerned, instead of the so-called watchful waiting, he’d rather encourage all prostate cancer sufferers to do all they can to get free from the condition. In as much as I don’t agree with him totally, he does have some points. In case you don’t know what watchful waiting is, it’s a situation where a sufferer of prostate cancer selects not to have treatment for the condition immediately.

Instead of having treatment, he gets the physician to place him under close watch – to ensure the condition doesn’t get out of hand. The idea behind it is that since the cancer in the prostate develops pretty slowly, it might not be full blown and threatening during the person’s lifetime. But like my friend, I prefer one to do all he can to get rid of the cancer, instead of “watchful waiting”. Thankfully there are lots of solutions to the disease that continue to work for more people all over the world.

There are now more survivors of the illness all over the world, more than ever before. Instead of resigning to the condition and “waiting” to die, I suggest you do all you can to kick it away from your prostate and away from your life. 

For people who still ask questions such as “When is watchful waiting the best option in prostate cancer” or when they can practice “prostate cancer watchful waiting after radiation failure“, my answer is – I don’t encourage watchful waiting and I don’t think you should think about it, unless of course you are VERY old and death is just around the corner anyway.

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One Response to “Prostate Cancer Watchful Waiting”
  1. Ron Hoffman says:

    As a 62 year-old with a biopsy with 1 of 12 sites at a GLeason six and less than 5% cancer, I am one of the watchful waiters (I prefer Active Surveillance). I have met with seven different doctors and am convinced that overtreatment of prostate cancer is the norm – at least in the U.S.

    The offseting argument to the one presented here is that the side effects of almost any treatment are quite severe. Incontinence, impotence, damage to other organs, hot flashes, infection from the sugery, etc. etc.

    If the cancer is immediatley life-threatening, by all means, chose a treatment option, but in the meantime, it is a choice between the risk of spread of the cancer versus the very ominous side effects.

    In addition, there are interim steps that can be taken. Diet is probably the most important.

    Another interim step is Targeted Focal Therapy (TFT). This is the male equivlent of a lumpectomy removing the tumor instead of the entire breast. Dr. Al Barqauwi’s work at the Uiversity of Colorado is a prime example. See With TFT the cancer cells in the prostate are killed with cryotherapy.

    Active Sruveillance is a rational approach to prostate cancer patients.

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