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The world over is full of researchers who are struggling to make the best of existing tools and methods for detecting and adequately managing prostate cancer. Even as they grow in number, there are also those who will see such methods increase or improve, while the vast majority is attempting to develop entirely new kinds of therapies for treating or curing prostate cancer. There are future treatments in the works, some to prevent and some to cure prostate cancer, and some that would work systemically to prevent the cancer cells that escape first-line treatment attacks from establishing metastases because if they can totally arrest metastasis of prostate cancer cells, global prostate cancer death rates would decidedly plummet.

And speaking of the death rates and prostate cancer statistics in the United states, this cancer kills more men in the United States than any other type of cancer, save for lung cancer, which is in a class of its own when it comes to cancer deaths. This is according to the American Cancer Society, which estimates that close to thirty thousand men will likely die from prostate cancer in the year 2009, despite improved diagnostic and treatment techniques. To start the worldwide prostate surgery statistics, in Canada, the numbers are not quite as bad, but they are bad enough: it is expected that up to five thousand men could give up the ghost to prostate cancer or complication from the disease; this following perhaps twenty thousand newcomers to the disease in 2009.

But prostate cancer rates are higher and prognosis poorer in developed countries than the rest of the world. Ninth most common cancer in the world, it accounts for a death rate in Japan that is up to one-fifth to one-half the rates in the United States and Europe. In India, up to half of the people with prostate cancer could be dead within ten years, even if the disease never gets the chance to metastasize; except that treatment for the disease has improved in India lately, about as much as it has in the United States, and that much cheaper too. Although the African continent has one of the lowest numbers for prostate cancer diagnoses, African-American men in the United States have up to sixty times more prostate cancer and prostate cancer deaths than Chinese men in their own country. Nigeria diagnoses about two percent of her men with prostate cancer each year, and loses up to 64% of them after two years.

According to certain reports, in order to get better information about the disease, autopsy studies of Chinese, German, Israeli, Jamaican, Swedish, and Ugandan men who died of other causes were done and it was found that prostate cancer was present in thirty percent of men in their 50s, and in eighty percent of men in their 70s. Basically, the prostate cancer death category that you fall into is a function of the level of awareness of the disease in your neighborhood, and how well (or not) you fit into the risk factors that influence the incidence of prostate cancer and are able to manipulate them in your favor; and finally, just a little bit of luck.

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