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With close to three hundred thousand new diagnoses a year in the United States alone, prostate cancer is far from being a remote disease. At one time (late 19th century) doctors thought it was a rare disease, but that was such a long time ago. Back then, a diagnosis of prostate type of cancer was tantamount to a death sentence because they did not have the proper means to treat the disease.

There are better treatments for prostate cancer today, surely, and the death toll from this malignancy of the cells of the prostate gland is plummeting somewhat in recent years. That notwithstanding, a death rate of close to twenty seven thousand men per year in America is still way high enough for the condition to be termed a killer disease.

Today, early stage prostate kind of cancer can be cured by any or a combination of prostatectomy, radiation therapy, cryosurgery, hormonal therapy, proton therapy, or high intensity focused ultrasound; but these only apply when the disease has not spread out of the prostate gland. Once any of the cells make it out of the confines of the organ, the complications begin in earnest and cure rate drops drastically. Soon, treating the condition would only be to delay the symptoms and prolong the life of the patient ? death is just about inevitable in advanced stage prostate cancer.

There are lots of people in the United States today that are sick with prostate type of cancer to the death. If the statistics are anything to go by, the end of this year would have about twenty thousand men have packed it in as a result of the disease or because of some complications that arose from it. There are those who will die of other unrelated causes too, but there aren’t that many of them. There are some who will not die until next year too, because they are receiving some kind of treatment (palliative care) to manage bone metastasis and postpone symptoms, but unless some miracle cure for prostate cancer is found pretty soon, it would be only a matter of time.

Death from prostate malignant tumor is not a fun thing to experience or even consider. The easy part may even be the bone pain and the spontaneous fractures that result from metastatic prostate cancer in the skeletal system; the worst part as got to be the loss of continence as a result of the cancer cells beginning to pile up in the vertebral column and piling up against the spinal cord. This invariably may also lead to leg weakness and possibly even paralysis. If there was a way to avoid that, most patients would, I am sure, sooner take it than anything else.

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