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If you want to know the prostate cancer survival rates after radiation, the prostate cancer survival rates in the United States or even prostate cancer survival chart, this article will help you with not only these but much more? if you are really serious about surviving prostate cancer.

Most men in the United States are acutely aware of the disease in which cancer develops in the prostate, the gland in the male reproductive system which produces a secretion known as prostate fluid that makes up most of the liquid part of semen, which is discharged from the penis during sexual orgasm. More than that, many men actually live in fear of this debilitating carcinoma, especially because it is the ninth most common cancer in the world, and the second most common cause of cancer deaths amongst men in the United States, with an annual casualty listing of close to 30,000 men.

Although the disease has what may be referred to as an excellent prognosis for a ten year period after treatment, and an even better one when considered over five years, this is only tenable if the condition was identified, diagnosed, and treated in the earliest stages of the syndrome. And should the disease somehow get the chance to grow and spread out of the prostate gland, the survival rate for such patients drops rather sharply. So, one of the best ways to survive prostate cancer is to detect it in good time and to commence the right treatments right away.

In addition to the foregoing, in spite of the fact that several of the available remedies for prostate cancer boast to be able to cure the sarcoma, they tend to also cause a lot of side effects that many patients do not find very easy to subscribe too. Faced with the alternative of living a prolonged but gradually degrading life with eventual death at the end of it, most men often decide to opt for treatment; but then, they are concerned about what life will look like after the therapy.

One of the most commonly used prostate cancer treatments, and believed to be most helpful when looking to cure the syndrome in its earliest stages is surgery. Surgery of the prostate is called a prostatectomy, and is used in removing the gland itself or parts of it, specifically the cells that have mutated and begun to multiply uncontrollably. Depending on the level of expertise of the surgeon carrying out the procedure, or the stage of progression or development of the melanoma, a radical prostatectomy may be deemed appropriate, or else a laparoscopic prostatectomy.

In either case, the chances of survival of the patient are good enough, except that common serious complications of surgery, urinary control and impotence, are often reported. There are various other types of surgery that may be employed when dealing with prostate cancer, including transurethral resection of the prostate and orchiectomy (the surgical removal of one or both testicles), and even radiotherapeutic brachytherapy; but even the most reliable and innovative of prostate cancer surgeries causes, which has a 10 year biochemical disease free rate superior to all other treatments, cryosurgery, still causes impotence up to ninety percent of the time.

However, the blood PSA levels of the patient drops significantly, and the patient is assured of the smallness of the chance that his disease may relapse in the next ten to five years. That is a cure, if you don’t mind my saying; and after surviving prostate cancer post surgery, you could try the little blue pill to help with the impotence. It does work? sometimes.

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