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One of the most notable things about prostate cancer is that the disease itself, for all the commonness of it, is not that well understood; so that there are still a lot of researches, experimentations, and clinical trials that are ongoing in the bid to better comprehend and appreciate the adenocarcinoma that occurs in the prostate gland.

To this and, there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered about the disease, so that in the process of studies, there are a lot of objective and subjective data that are included as findings, and even as parameters in the study. This article aims to expose some of these factors in order to perhaps present a better outlook on the results that are obtained from various studies.

To begin with, one of the most prejudiced essentials in prostate cancer research is the predisposition against smoking and alcohol. For the most part, it has been generally accepted that neither is healthy for the body in any way and that they must contribute in some manner to the risk of contracting this disease. Whilst this appears to have remained (arguably) true for tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption is actually now being viewed in a wholly different light.

Recent findings, although far from conclusive, are gradually realizing that there may be a substance in red wine in particular that not only helps to lower the risk of prostate cancer in certain men, but even aid recovery in men that are being treated for the condition. In addition, it is now almost a proven fact that a substance, xanthohumol, which is found in certain alcoholic beverages like beer, has a curative effect on patients of prostate cancer, and also plays a preventive role in disease incidence.

Also certain foods, especially those high in cholesterol and fat content, without any real evidence, are believed to contribute to prostate malignant tumor risk. Such subjective facts, although true they may be for other forms of cancer, cast a shadow of doubt on the data in the results obtained from various tests and researches.

Not everything is subjective though; in fairness to scientists, there is a lot of objective data obtained too from their studies that have made it possible for them to draw the conclusions that they have. The use of several drugs and even the emergence of various new therapies for the treatment of prostate cancer make it rather clear that there aren’t that many things that are forged or presumed. Certainly the painstaking and time consuming efforts that they put into all of these studies must speak for something. That is why they run through all of these trials for new procedures and medications all the time.

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