Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer – Conventional And Alternative Approach

Advanced prostate cancer is not limited to the prostate gland, but can spread to other parts of the body and cause additional symptoms like bone pain in the vertebrae, pelvis, ribs, femur, and even the skull. It can cause a compression of the spinal cord, leading to leg weakness and incontinence. Advanced stage prostate malignant cancer is incurable, although treatable by several techniques, which often have to be combined to provide palliation for the patient.

Radiation therapy can be used in the treatment of just about every stage of this disease that there is, sometimes to cure the disease (in early stage), to slow disease progression (in metastatic disease), and pain relief (in bone metastasis). Radiation therapy is often used for some advanced tumors as a result, to treat painful bone metastases or reduce spinal cord compression. Hormonal therapy is not a cure for prostate cancer, but unless the cancer is hormone refractory and aggressive, it can be used for some early stages of advanced tumors to slow disease progression and possibly even cause the cancer to shrink.

Chemotherapy is rather effective in late stage disease because it attacks all the rapidly dividing cells all over the body. As such, it may be offered if initial treatments fails and the adenocarcinoma continues to progress, although it is sure to do some harm to other cells in the body (hence the hair loss and stuff). A radical prostatectomy often only works well for early stage (localized) prostate cancer, but combined with adjuvant radiation therapy, it may help offer improved survival for locally advanced disease.

Advanced stage prostate malignant cancer hugely requires palliative care to relieve symptoms, prolong life, and improve the quality of life. That translates into slowing disease progression and managing the pain (bone pain). Doctors may go as far as administrating opium derivatives like morphine to manage the pain, and bisphosphonates to delay fractures due to bone brittleness.

Scientists in their studies are beginning to unearth various other treatments that have incredible potential in the treatment of advanced stage prostate cancer. Capsaicin, for instance, a component of chili peppers, has been found to cause advanced stage prostate malignant cancer cells to undergo self-imposed apoptosis, thereby literally committing suicide. They have also uncovered great potential in several vitamins and minerals against advanced prostate malignant tumor that are taken for granted every day. These findings will soon be published in journals and publicized online for all and sundry to learn from.

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