Stage IV Prostate Cancer Facts You Should Not Forget

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If you have not had cause to worry about prostate cancer, then your perspective may change when you get to know how the stage IV prostate cancer affects the person. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with having cancer of the prostate, then you will need all information necessary.  The staging of the disease is invaluable information you don’t want to miss out. Here is an article that highlights the Facts about the stage IV prostate cancer you should not forget.

It is important to be reminded that of all cancer related diseases’ affecting the male population, cancer of the prostate is known to cause the deaths of many American men at a high rate. It only comes second to lung cancer. With this piece of news, it becomes possible to conclude that prostate cancer is an epidemic. This is quite alarming and men with risk factors should go for early screening to improve the chance of getting treated.

Prostate cancer is a slow kind of cancer and has been researched to affect men through four stages. The higher the stage, the severer becomes the symptoms. The stages include Stage I, II, III, and IV. The last stage is the most severe stage with life threatening symptoms. Facts on this most dangerous stage include:

The nature of stage IV prostate cancer

When a person is diagnosed of having stage 4 prostate cancer, it means that the cancer cells have spread from prostate gland to other vital organs in the body. These vital organs that could be affected include the nymph nodes, the bladder, the bones, kidneys, rectums, and other organs that are found in the lower abdomen. However, this stage can be classified in two ways namely: Localized Stage IV (D1) and Metastatic Stage IV (D2).In the first classification the spread is restricted to the nymph nodes and the ureters. The second classification shows that the spread of the cancerous cells is outside the pelvic region. The bones and other glands that are far from the prostate gland are now affected.

Symptoms of the stage 4 prostate cancer

The symptoms that men whose prostate cancer is being diagnosed to be stage IV include:

  • There is blood in their urine
  • There are severe  pains in the lower back and lower abdomen
  • The person experiences weakness
  • The person often experience nausea
  • There are always difficulties with urination, etc.

Treating Stage IV prostate cancer

After tests, biopsies, and scans have confirmed that the individuals have prostate cancer, it becomes necessary to find the right treatment for the disease. Treatments are channeled based on the level of spread. The commonly applied treatment options include: External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT), Hormone Therapy, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, and vaccine therapy, etc.

Finally, with the effects of stage IV prostate cancer, it becomes necessary to go for early testing. If the cancer is treated early, you can improve your chance of survival.  Stage IV is an advanced stage and reduces the chances of survival.

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