Stage IV Prostate Cancer 2b Survival – Any Hope of outsmarting the disease?

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Cancer may be curable in certain forms, but most people are aware now that it is generally a killer disease that even if cured the first time may relapse again after a while. This very same fact applies for prostate cancer, the malignancy of the cells of the prostate gland. In the early stages it is curable, and the specialist can offer guarantees ranging from five to ten years during which the cancer is not likely to relapse. In the late stages prostate type of cancer is not curable, so all that the patient is left with is how long before the disease kills him, or something else does.

Stage IV prostate cancer is the worst there could be of the disease. It is of two sub-stages, D1 and D2. Stage IV D1 is a locally advanced prostate carcinoma in which the adenocarcinoma is only just out of the prostate gland and still in the general region of the pelvis – although the lymphatic system is would likely be in trouble also by now; and stage IV D2 is when locations all over the body are compromised by the disease, with bone metastasis and pain and all kinds of other symptoms that come with it.

The survival rate for advanced D2 prostate cancer is not very encouraging at a dismal three years after diagnosis. Dan Fogelberg was one horrid example in whom the cancer was treated, it went into remission, and within three years it came back and killed him. Bless his soul, but when he announced that he was not going to be singing for a while, his doctor had probably told him by then that he would likely not make it; so he was in all probability trying to put his house in order. Hope he did too – he died with his loving wife by his side.

Even a locally advanced prostate cancer is bad enough. Most doctors never offer more than five years to such patients, and may only extend it if the cancer appears to be slowing down. With some very good palliative care, the patient may even make it as far as eight years after diagnosis before kicking the bucket. Recently some research surfaced that a prostate malignant tumor surgery could further extend life expectancy for such a patient to fourteen year! But doctors are more skeptical than committal about this, and many would sooner just give the patient a much weaker prognosis while they await the final findings on that one.

And while they wait, they do what they can to slow the progression of the disease in the patient. Painkillers, sometimes of the narcotic kind, are used to manage the bone pain, radiation and chemotherapy are used to slow the disease’s advance, and bisphosphonates? well, bisphosphonates help to delay skeletal complications like fractures and stuff.

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