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Metastasis is described as the spread of a disease from one organ to another non-adjacent organ, or from a part of one organ to another non-adjacent part of it. In that sense, it is also referred to as metastatic disease, which has been observed only in malignant tumor cells and infections, although recent research is starting to look into the viability of this theory.

Prostate cancer spreading to other organs or parts of the body is more or less an inevitable occurrence once the disease is not diagnosed and treated early. There are several forms of the disease but the most common one is a slow growing type which, according to some research, may take up to ten years before it starts spreading from the prostate. However due to the notable absence of symptoms in early stage of the disease, patients are generally unaware of this until the spread begins, at which point the first warning signs start to appear.

Spreading typically begins by the cancerous cells debuting in the bloodstream and migrating first to the lymphatic system. From there, the immediate surroundings of the prostate (pelvis and pelvic area) are infected and inflamed, and then the disease moves on to further away locations in the body, mostly the vertebrae, and the bones of the ribs and thigh.

With more widespread screening, it is possible to diagnose prostate cancer these days before the spreading kicks in too deeply. According to the American Cancer Society, about ninety percent of prostate form of cancers in the United States are diagnosed and treated early; most are even cured with an assurance of close to ten years of biochemical disease free living.

However, of the other ten percent, the situation really does not look good. Most of the patients suffer from some of the more silent and more aggressive forms of prostate cancer that may not even be observed until they are quite advanced, at which point the carcinoma is hardly curable. Other patients are besotted with cancer type of prostate that is resistant to therapy, so that their PSA levels continue to rise in spite of treatment.

Doctors and scientists have worked long and hard looking for ways to preempt or at least predict the spread of the disease. Basically they try to prevent it by hormonal therapy and killing or removing the tumor in a hurry. When this does not work, chemotherapy is used then to slow the progression of the disease. However, latest findings are beginning to suggest that a certain protein KLF6-SV1 in men with prostate cancer rises first in men with more aggressive forms of the disease. If this can be tested for, they might just be able to tell, and thus save the lives of those poor men.

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