Prostate Cancer D Bone Metastasis Treatment

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I once heard a doctor call it ‘bony metastatic prostate cancer’ and it was rather interesting to think of it in a funny manner. But there is nothing funny about a prostate cancer condition that has had the chance to metastasize to the bones in other parts of the body. The common earliest symptoms of this cancer are the pain and blood in urine and semen, but by the time you start to feel intense bone pain in the leg, lower back, pelvis and in the ribs, you actually are approaching the point where you could begin to suffer incontinence and even paralysis.

The treatment for bone metastasis of prostate cancer often has to include maintaining adequate calcium and vitamin D levels as well as exercising daily and regularly. Admittedly this does not treat the condition, but it helps to maintain strong bones and minimize bone loss or osteoporosis, which can make treating bone metastases more challenging.

As per treatment, you may want to begin with radiation therapy that specifically targets the bone metastases. Talk to your oncologist and they will probably confirm to you that men who experience pain from a bone metastasis need to be treated with radiation in order to kill the cancerous cells and relieve pain. This isn’t the same as regular radiation therapy, so you don’t want to confuse them. Usually, external beam radiotherapy is used with spot radiation maps out a very precise process to ensure that the x-rays are targeting the metastasis and are not causing damage to the surrounding bone and muscle tissue.

In other cases, and sometimes as a complement of the foregoing treatment process, radiopharmaceuticals or radioactive drugs can be injected into the body through a vein to settle in the metastatic prostate melanomas in the bone. These drugs release radiation into the local area that is infected and thus kills the cancer cells. The two drugs most commonly used for this are samarium, sold as Quadramet in the United States, and strontium, sold as Metastron. They are often also used in combination with chemotherapy.

Another helpful treatment for bony metastatic prostate cancer involves the application of bone-targeting agents called bisphosphonates. Without the cancers, bone cells are normally destroyed and created at a constant rate. When the activity of cells that form new bone cells (osteoblasts) is increased, it ultimately results in an overgrowth of bone tissue Osteoclasts on the other hand are cells that destroy bone cells, and increasing their activity causes porous, brittle bone tissues to be formed. Prostate malignant cancer bone metastases causes both of these processes to occur at fasters rates, causing simultaneous overgrowth and weakening of bone tissues, making the bones unstable and prone to fracture.

The bisphosphonates, a good example of which is zoledronic acid, are drugs that help to reset the now precarious balance between bone growth and destruction. Some are given intravenously to delay the onset of complications and relieve pain, and others, like alendronate and risedronate, given in pill form, are sometimes used to prevent or slow bone loss during hormonal therapy.

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