Last Stage Of Prostate Cancer As above – The Prognosis Of The Disease

Advanced prostate cancer prognosis is never bright, but a lot depends still on the stage of the disease, the overall health of the patient, and on the available treatments that may conceivably be used on the patient. On the average, once diagnosing, treating and curing the condition in the early stages has failed, a patient with advanced prostate kind of cancer is generally not expected to live longer than five years. With the aid of some serious treatments, the patient may push as far as seven years; and according to recent findings, they may actually be able to double the life expectancy of such a patient with a little prostatectomy in that late stage, and/or a little radiation therapy.

Generally, doctors will always offer their best to help a patient, and having treated a patient once and found the malignancy to be resistant to prostatectomy, hormonal therapy, or radiotherapy they might resign to chemotherapy in order to slow the progression of the disease and postpone its symptoms. Advanced stage prostate cancer is characterized by bone pain, which can be excruciating and debilitating. Managing the bone pain becomes a priority in treatment, and that can be done either by currently available means or by methods that really haven’t been approved by the FDA, AMA or medical board for application in mainstream medicine, although their effectiveness is not really in dispute.

Because the focus is on extending life and relieving the symptoms of metastatic disease, Abiraterone Acetate may be used. This is a drug that shows significant promise in the treatment of advance stage prostate cancer by causing dramatic reductions in the PSA levels of the patient. Abiratone Acetate also has been known to shrink tumor sizes however aggressive the carcinoma is. A commonly used regimen of therapy combines the docetaxel with some corticosteroid like prednisone to postpone symptoms, and bisphosphonates like zoledronic acid can slow the onset skeletal complication in the nature of fractures and such.

Radiation therapy may work also for patients with advanced metastatic prostate form of cancer that will no longer respond to hormone treatments, while perhaps at the same time, the patient can be treated with Alpharadin. This is a pharmaceutical that attacks and impedes the spread of metastatic cells to the bones by emitting alpha particles in the body. It has been shown to prolong the survival of patients, times, reduce their pain, and improve their quality of life, which essentially is the goal here.

However with all of this, the best that cancer specialist doctors may offer is seven or eight years, unless recent findings about prostatectomy doubling life expectancy for advance stage prostate cancer victims is true, which we will not know until the final results of the tests, come in. That may take a few years yet.

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