Different Stages of Prostrate Cancer – Many People Don’t Know

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Prostate cancer has been misspelled by so many people but they all mean the same thing – whether prostrate cancer or postrate cancer.

Talking about the different stages, it’s indeed true. This cancer has stages, and with the furtherance of stages come more and more complications. Although the general consensus is that cancers are incurable, certain stages of prostate cancer are in fact treatable to the point of cure – the early stages. It is in the later stages that the stage complications get so bad that no remedy will do.

Prostate Cancer Stage I – The origins of prostate cancer may not be clear, but the procedure of the growth of the tumor is unambiguous enough. It starts so small in the prostate gland, probably with a single cell mutating and beginning to grow at an alarming rate, infecting the cells closest to it.

Stage I prostate cancer is undetectable by any screening method, and the fact that there are no symptoms at this stage of the disease only makes matters worse. Chances are a PSA workup may not even suggest it, so that the only way it may be discovered is by accident if a surgeon stumbles on the slow growing tumor by accident when performing some other operation on the patient.

Prostate Cancer Stage II – At this point, the tumor is big enough to be detected by a DRE, although still yet no symptoms worth writing home about. Only if the patient comes in for the screening tests may the adenocarcinoma even be suspected; otherwise he could live on for several more years without even knowing that he has the disease. Prostate cancer is slow growing enough in men that some may actually die of other causes without knowledge of its presence.

Prostate Cancer Stage III – The cancer in this phase of the disease is not much of a problem either: the tumor is large enough to begin to cause some discomfort, although the patient may not be paying too much attention to it just yet. The best way still to detect it is to go through the prostate cancer screening program, which would certainly culminate in a biopsy of the prostate gland in order to confirm the diagnosis.

Patients at this stage of the disease need to commence treatment in a hurry before things get really complicated because the cancer would by now be filtering into the bloodstream.

Prostate Cancer Stage IV – This one is in two parts. Stage IV D1 is when the cancer is out of the prostate but still only locally advanced (in the vicinity of the organ itself. Staging will show up malignant cells in the region of the pelvis, but not likely further out; stage IV D2 is highly advanced metastatic prostate cancer in which the tumors have reached out to far out locations all over the body – under normal circumstances, not a chance of curing the disease, only perhaps slowing it down enough to give the patient some more time.

But like we have said so many times in this website, there’s now HOPE for all prostate cancer sufferers, regardless of the stage of the condition. Read more of the articles on this website to learn more about the different treatments for prostate cancer that work and how to survive prostate cancer, regardless of the stage.

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