Bone Metastasis Prostate Cancer – Why You Should Be Worried

Laymen or people who do not know that much about prostate cancer might be surprised to learn that it is sometimes found in the bones. But that is only too true, as is characterized by various forms of cancer that there are – they may start up in some specific organ in the body, but invariably if given the chance they start to metastasize to other parts of the body- and for some reason, cancer cells have an affinity for the bones, so they tend to spread there and grow.

Metastatic prostate cancer in the bones brings pain, and brittleness that causes the bones to splinter and fracture. Managing bone pain in advanced stage prostate type of cancer is therefore a priority for both patient and cancer specialist in order to make life a lot more convenient for the patient.

For starters, bisphosphonates may be used on the patient to delay the fractures and other skeletal complications that might ensue. They inhibit the digestion of bones by osteoclasts and them to undergo apoptosis – programmed cell death. zoledronic acid may be the most popular bisphosphonate in the United States. Another treatment that may help with bone metastasis and pain is Abiraterone Acetate. Still in clinical trials, it is actually showing some promise in treating advance stage prostate form of cancer by causing a dramatic reduction in PSA levels. As a matter of fact, tumor sizes in aggressive advanced-stage prostate cancer for up to 70% of patients treated by Abiraterone Acetate have been shown to decrease, which is a plus anyhow you look at it.

Chemo is another therapy that may be offered to slow the progression of prostate carcinoma while also postponing its symptoms. These drugs typically destroy cancer cells by traveling the extent of the entire body; so the patient need not worry if the metastasis is in the bones or some other part. Docetaxel is the most commonly used regimen, especially in combination with prednisone, a corticosteroid. Patients with advanced prostate cancer that is no longer responsive to hormonal treatments may use Alpharadin, a new alpha emitting pharmaceutical that specifically targets bone metastasis. Although it is not yet FDA approved, some doctors prescribe it nonetheless because it prolongs patient survival, reduces pain and improves quality of life; and who wouldn’t want that?

And then, there are the opioid pain relievers like morphine and oxycodone which are specifically designed to manage bone pain due to metastatic disease. External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) may also be used on bone metastases because it can provide pain relief, but injections of radioisotopes may be a better call. Radioisotopes like strontium-89, phosphorus-32, or samarium-153, are ideal for targeting bone metastases of all kinds of cancers, and relieve pain.

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