Bone Metastases In Prostate Cancer – -How to effectively manage the condition

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Bone metastasis in prostate cancer occurs when the mutated cells from the prostate gland have progressed enough and have now started to filter through the bloodstream of the patient to the bones. As the tumor cells travel through the bloodstream, parts of it are gradually broken off which deposit themselves on the bones and again characteristically continue to mass reproduce themselves.

Usually, after diagnosis, doctors carry out other series of tests in order to determine the degree of spread of the prostate cancer from its point of origin. This is called staging, and the actual test used during staging to determine bone metastasis is the ribonucleic bone scans. In this test, a substance is injected into the patient, which goes in and settles in the areas where there is higher bone density in the body. When the actual scan is done, the results reveal these areas are hot spots, while other areas where the substance is not present are cold spots. Neither of these cases is good because the contrast between and higher density and lower density of bones only serve to make the bones more brittle.

A lot of pain is experienced by patients who are suffering from the condition at this stage, but worse is the propensity of the bones to start to fracture almost spontaneously as a result. Even though it is not too common an experience for many people who suffer from prostate cancer, it remains an excruciating and humiliating way to die. For this reason, a lot of effort is placed on controlling the symptoms of the disease when it gets that bad. For the bone pain, radiation therapy may be administered, as can biosphosphonate medications or even opioid pain relievers.

Bone metastases in prostate disease patients are not something that many doctors look forward to. The occurrence in fact is not considered curable, but it is manageable. It has to begin however with early detection so that treatments can be administered to slow the progression of the disease. Hormonal therapy would be the best option if they weren’t dealing with HRPCa ? Hormone Refractory prostate cancer. If it happens to be HRPCa, chemotherapy may have to suffice.

It helps also to be able to anticipate complications that may arise from the therapies. These don’t happen all the time and they certainly aren’t the same with every patient. As a result, a patient should maintain close contacts with his doctor so that he can reach him in the case of an emergency. Many people want to be strong and deny the side effects of treatment, but this is seriously unnecessary, especially considering that these side effects could easily be just as bad as the disease itself.

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