4 Major Side Effects of Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Advanced Prostate Cancer is that cancer which has spread beyond the localized region of the prostate gland to other vital organs in the body. For individuals diagnosed with this stage of cancer, the prognosis is not often encouraging. This means that the chances of survival for such people are low. The dangers posed by advanced prostate cancer are complicated by the side effects experienced by the man who is diagnosed with this condition.

The side effects of advanced prostate cancer not only come from the disease but could also result from the various treatments applied. It is important that you get to understand some of these side effects so you know what to expect, how to deal with them, and how to cope with them when you undergo treatments. The following are highlights of four major side effects associated with advanced prostate cancer.

1 – Impotence – When you undergo treatments for advanced prostate cancer, there is the possibility that you are likely to become impotent. By this it means you are find it difficult to achieve or sustain erection. Hormone therapy is one the major treatments applied on those whose cancer level has become aggressive. The treatment is intended to reduce the testosterone levels in the body. The effect of this treatment could be impotence or erectile dysfunction. Surgical procedure to remove the testicles (orchiectomy) can also lead to impotence. In addition, some drugs taken as treatment for prostate cancer also lead to impotence.

2 – Infertility – This is related to the point above. However, this simply means the inability to fertilize the eggs of the woman for conception. Many men that have undergone prostate cancer treatment do face the issue of infertility or sterility. The treatments could have prevented ejaculation of semen that is necessary for fertility. However, some counter treatments can reverse this condition.

3 – Urinary Incontinence – Majority of the people that have undergone radiation therapy and surgical procedure as treatment for their cancer of the prostate may experience incontinence. This is a condition in which they are not able to control the flow of urine out of their body. The cause of this is often attributable to the damage the nerves or tissues controlling urine flow during the treatment.

4 – Weakening of Bones – When cancer of the prostate has spread in the body, it may attack the bones and result to what is known as bone metastases. The bones in the pelvic region and other parts would be susceptible to fracture and pains. When the bones begin to be affected in prostate cancer, the need for emergency measures becomes applicable.

These are four major side effects of advanced prostate cancer you ought to know. For each of these effects, there are treatments and remedies that can be applied to deal with it. Your doctor or urologist can help provide you with the best treatments and therapies to counter these side effects.  Medications, exercises, therapies, diet, and some other strategies can be recommended for you.

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