Prostate Cancer Spreading – How Does Prostate Cancer Spread?

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Whether you want to know about metastatic prostate cancer spreading to the hip or results of kemo when bone cancer spreads from prostate, you will learn a thing or two from this article that will improve your understanding of the spread of this disease.

There are lots of concerns regarding prostate cancer and how it spreads (metastasizes) rapidly in the body. This article will show you how cancer of the prostate spreads to other parts of the body and cause death for the individual.

1. At the onset of prostate, there is a presence of microscopic tumor in the cells of the prostate. This tumor growth does not cause any significant difference in the cells of the prostate. In medical diagnosis, this is referred to as stage 1.

2. As time pass on, the tumor in the cells will begin to enlarge and swollen. Rectal exam and ultrasound will begin to recognize the sizes of the cells tumor. The tumor in this case is still confined in the prostate and hasn’t spread out of it. This stage is known as stage 2.

3. From the stage 2 the cancer cells will begin to form dark spots within the prostate and surrounding tissues of the prostate are invaded. In this case, the seminal vesicles and their surrounding tissues are the first culprit to this. The dark spot from this stage can only be identified through a powerful microscope. At this stage, the spreading of the cancer has begun.

4. The cancer cells will now progress to the next stage if not treated. This stage is referred to as the fourth stage or stage 4. The basic feature of this stage is that the spread of the cancer is now extended to bigger organs and tissues within the prostate. The invasion is still localized and has now become visible on the glands.

5. From the stage above comes the worst stag, which is stage 5. This stage is a time when the cancer cells have become malignant and there is invasion of cells, tissues, organs, lymph nodes, bones, etc, beyond the prostate. The person with symptoms of prostate cancer at this stage has limited or minimal chances of survival. The cancer spread here is aggressive or advanced.

Note that some experts say there are only 4 stages and they refer to the fifth stage above as the fourth stage. But usually they mean the exact same thing.

So, from the paragraphs above, you must have seen that prostate cancer spreads in stages. The early stages are not usually dangerous and can be controlled or treated effectively. But the advanced stages are more difficult to treat and can result to death. It is advisable that you go for early tests to confirm this condition and start an immediate treatment, rather than wait for any symptoms.

To read specifically about testicles testicular cancer prostate spread or bladder cancer spread prostate or if you have questions like ? can bladder cancer spread to the prostate, see the specific articles written around these in the “related articles” section. This website has 1,000+ articles on the subject of prostate cancer and we have practically covered all you want to know about the condition. Take your time to read through and get informed. With this cancer (and all the other cancers out there) ignorance is certainly NOT bliss. The less you know about cancer, the more likely it is that you will be caught unawares.

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