Prostate Cancer Risks

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Prostate cancer risks can also be said to be risk factors that might trigger the condition. This article looks at some of these factors to help you.

The main risk factors of developing prostate cancer are age, genetics, race, diet, lifestyle, and medications. There are other factors, but they do not feature as prominently. Perhaps I should also mention sex (being males, that is), but you should know that females don’t have a prostate, so that does not count.

Mostly, you have increased risk of prostate cancer as you approach and exceed sixty years of age (some experts say from 40 years old). This can be said to be prostate cancer age risks or prostate cancer by risk by age.

Also, genetically, if your dad or granddad was a victim of the condition, you are likely to be one too; and racially, it would appear as though African American men are a lot more prone to the condition than Caucasians, Latinos, and Asians.

If you eat too much of treated dairy products or synthetic foods, you have increased risk of prostate cancer, but if you were into vitamins A and E, and the mineral selenium, you could reduce your risk of contracting prostate cancer by almost sixty percent. An actively sexual lifestyle during your twenties appears to work in your favor, as opined by some medical experts.

Drinking and smoking are always bad news when you take them to uncontrollable levels, and they could certainly increase your chances of contracting prostate cancer; while certain anti-inflammatory medications and pain killers can significantly lower your risk.

And I don’t know if you have heard, but being obese is asking for trouble, even if you are not worried about prostate cancer; and exercise can help you in dealing with a million and one diseases, so you had better pick up some jogging already.

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