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Once you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, there are certain questions you should ask your doctor before you walk out of their office or before you are put on any kind of therapy for the condition. Naturally, one of the questions at the tip of your lips right there and then is bound to be: “how long do I have?” but things do not necessarily have to be so grim. Instead, you might want to ask a few more insightful questions that will give you answers that will help with how you are going to live your life afterward.

One pertinent question, and perhaps the first that you ought to consider, is: “how advanced is it?” Using the word “advanced” in that manner, instead of the regular “bad” you might have wanted to say, will infuse a sense of understanding into your question that will cause the doctor to be more honest and forthcoming with you. Physicians do not habitually lie to their patients, but based on the circumstances they may feel inclined to conceal some truth from you. However, they will not be dishonest when you ask a direct question like that.

Even without the professional stating it, you should know that early stage prostate cancer is highly treatable and very curable if the cancer cells have not advanced beyond the prostate gland. If on the other hand the carcinomas have metastasized to other parts of the body, the treatment becomes suddenly more problematic and the prognosis drops sharply. The answer you get should either be “early stage,” “late stage,” or “it’s starting to spread.”

Secondly, you might want to ask, “what are my treatment options?” You may be feeling like going for the guttural and asking “how long do I have?” right now, but it would be best if you saved it for last, to maintain the respect you must have earned from the oncologist by now.

Even for late stage metastatic prostate cancer, there are treatments that show promise. Combined radiation and chemotherapy, sometimes including surgery, may still do a great deal for you. In the early stage, almost any treatment will work as well. But there are options that the surgeon might present to you like you have not heard before, such as brachytherapy, cryosurgery, immunotherapy, and transurethral resection. All of them are viable too, but you want to be sure what they mean specifically with relation to your case before you jump into conclusions.

At this stage, you might be feeling like asking your million-dollar question, but it is important that you get the doctor to explain the details and implications of your prostate cancer treatment options to you first of all. Even before the doctor is done talking, you might have a clue where the conversation is headed. By the time you are finally asking how much longer you have, you are not likely to be shocked or surprised by the response you get. What you want to do now is to keep your stress levels down so that you don’t go and make things worse for yourself.

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