Prostrate Cancer Prognosis – Facts you need to know

For all its threat, deadliness, and the public fear surrounding the disease, the prognosis for prostate cancer is not really that bad. Naturally, for each patient this depends on the stage at which the cancer was diagnosed and the aggression of the cancer as perceived by the specialist in charge. The overall age and health condition of the patient also makes a big statement here, because that also goes to determine the choice of therapies, which, as you well know cannot be undermined.

For the most part, though, a patient that was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer can be treated and assure that the cancer will not relapse for at least another five years. Several patients in fact have been known to last all of ten or even fifteen years (and counting) without a relapse of the carcinoma, but oncologists are way too paranoid to offer that kind of assurance.

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 90 percent of cancers of the prostates are discovered in early stages as a result of the more widespread screening available in the United States today. Because of improved medical therapies, and also because prostate malignant tumors grow relatively slowly, the five-year survival rate for this condition detected in such early stages as depicted here is nearly a perfect hundred percent. Even the ten-year survival rate is about ninety three percent. The specialist say that the survival rate for prostate cancer patients once treated and cured for the condition drops more sharply after the ten year mark, but that is yet to be asserted.

It is not quite the same for aggressive type prostate cancer. Some forms or manifestations of the disorder are so tricky that early detection is almost impossible; other forms are so intractable that even the best treatments will be met by constantly rising blood PSA levels and progression of the disease. Once the tumor has grown and spread out of the prostate gland as a result of either of these, the doctors instantly lose optimism and could offer the patient about as much as seven years to live. With a little prostatectomy, according to result clinical test results, this life expectancy may be doubled, although many physicians are still hugely in doubt of that claim.

Several therapies ? radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal, cryotherapy-, proton, immune, and HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound ? have been shown to help in the treatment of prostate type of cancer in the early stages; however, only a few of them can be trusted to help with advanced prostate cancer. It not considered as being curable, merely treatable.

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