Prostrate Cancer Prognosis and How To Handle It

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There are people who are concerned about the prostate cancer four-year survival rate, however they are ignorant because there are things that they should know about this condition, and in fact, just about every other type of cancer that there is.

Cancer treatment and prognosis really rests very largely on how early the disease is caught, and how thoroughly it is treated. When you suffer from a disease like prostate cancer, and you somehow manage to miss out on a diagnosis in the early stages, you are suddenly left with a lot of complications in your treatment and your chances of living down the disease.

Once diagnosed and staged early, you can undergo some radiation therapy, or hormonal treatment, or surgical extraction of the part of the prostate that is diseased, and you can be almost as good as new for the most part of ten years! Forget four years; this diseasehas an excellent five year survival rate, and even over a ten year range, there is something close to a 93% survival rate. In the simplest of terms, you could still have as much or even more than ten years to live after your prostate cancer diagnosis.

The foregoing however hinges on you being able to get a diagnosis of the disease as early as possible, preferably before it starts to metastasize to other parts of your body. The prognosis for prostate cancer drops sharply after ten years, and the further away from the prostate that the cancerous cells have spread.

That aside, you should know that prostate cancer prognosis is generally poor in developed countries than it is in the rest of the world, especially because the risk factors for this conditionare more prevalent in the developed world. For instance, with prostate type of cancer, the incidence of the disease increases with age, and since there is a longer life expectancy in the first world, there is also a worse prognosis because a cured prostate diseasegets the chance to relapse.

A diet high in red meat also contributes to the chance of relapse or demise by prostate cancer, much in the same way as a reduced-fat dairy products diet with added vitamin A palmitate. Your doctor is sure to advise you to manage your stress levels better, and to exercise as often as you can to improve your prognosis. You don’t want to neglect that admonition because it could mean every difference between staying alive long enough to see your granddaughter enter into preschool.

Sometimes, even though it is hard to see, chiropractic offers some remedial treatments that can prolong your life and improve the chances of never again seeing the cancer. You could ask your doctor about the truth in such claims, and have them guide you toward taking the right steps only.

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