Prostate Cancer Progression – The Rate Of Growth

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There are various forms cancer all around the world today, and they all have their own different characteristics and defining features. For prostate cancer, one of its most defining features is the fact that the melanoma does not develop very rapidly. The syndrome could be there, the cells in your prostate gland mutating for years and you wouldn’t be any wiser. To make it worse, the syndrome does not have any know symptoms at this stage; then suddenly one day, you could need to pee and find that urinating was too painful, and when you ejaculate, you can see blood in your semen.

Based on the slowness of prostate cancer when developing in the organ itself, it is possible for the patient to live out the rest of his life without even feeling any of the symptoms the sarcoma. As a matter of fact, he could die from another disease or symptom of aging before the melanoma even catches up to him.

When you start to feel any painful symptoms of prostate cancer, however, the chances are that disease has developed enough to start to grow outside of your prostate gland. Unfortunately, this usually implies that the rate of growth of the prostate cancer cells would have sped up, meaning that it could spread quickly, using your lymphatic nodes and your bloodstream as conduits. Eventually metastatic sarcomas from the prostate often end up in the bones of the patient all over his body, and this often leads to complicatedness of treatment procedures, and even worse prognosis in treatment.

Advanced stage prostate cancer is difficult to treat at best, usually requiring a combination of therapies from surgery to hormonal, to radiation, to chemo, and even immunotherapy. Since there is no guaranteed cure for the condition, it is common to have the specialist take his time deciding on the best course of treatment for the syndrome. This often has to be done with your consent too, because they are possibilities of side effects that you totally need to be aware of. As soon as you are sure that you are ok with the therapy or medication, they can start treating you.

Watchful waiting is one treatment technique that is employed when they believe that your prostate cancer is the really slow growing type that could take the whole of what is left of your life without getting complicated. It is even possible as stated earlier, for you to never get any symptoms from the disease. If you it is suddenly found that the rate of growth of your prostate cancer starts to pick up, they might then decide to operate, or administer a treatment that is more deliberate.

In other instance, you might have some kind of hormone refractory prostate cancer in the very advanced stage of the disease. If they believe that they can no longer arrest the disease, the specialist could simply present you with the option of palliative care, in which they help to manage the pain and discomfort, and prevent further symptoms of prostate cancer from hitting you while you carefully slip into.

Basically, the rate of growth of prostate cancer varies in different patients, and that is why they sometime treat patients in different ways.

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