Prognosis of Advanced Prostate Cancer and Life Expectancy

Advanced prostate cancer is about the worst diagnosis that any patient can get on the disease because the prognosis for it is not often very encouraging. The disease is not incurable, I must state categorically, but such a cure occurs only in the early stages of the condition when the malignant cells of the prostate gland are still contained inside the prostate. If you happen to be treated and cured then, you could get a prognosis reaching as far out as ten years, while there are a lot of Americans who have received the same treatment and are still alive fifteen years later.

However, the prognosis on advanced prostate cancer is a lot worse. I will begin by laying it out the way the professionals think of it ? advanced stage prostate type of cancer is not even curable; they can treat it so that the patient does not even get to feel most of the symptoms most of the time, but they can’t cure the disease as of yet, unless some new breakthrough occurs in the research world.

Often, life expectancy is hardly more than three years for late stage prostate cancer. Once a cancer specialist has a patient like that, they offer the best of palliation by delaying symptoms, slowing the spread and progression of the disease, and doing their best to manage the inevitable bone metastasis of the adenocarcinoma. Often they even combine various available prostate disease treatments ? radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, various forms of pain relievers, and so on ? in order to achieve the best results; and sometimes they actually are able to prolong the life of the patient.

Some patients have been known to last as long seven or eight years with an advanced cancer of the prostate diagnosis, although there really aren’t that many of them. Interestingly, however, recent studies have surfaced to suggest that the life expectancy for a prostate cancer patient with advanced stage disease can be doubled or even tripled with some late stage prostatectomy combined with radiotherapy.

Naturally, especially knowing that palliation is really just window dressing, several oncologists and urologists are understandably skeptical about the feasibility of this, and many questions whether it is even proper, especially considering what the quality of life might be for the patient. One might think though that that could be left to the patient to decide ? I know I would not be in a hurry to live life in pain and like a vegetable, but that is my opinion. Others might have something that they want to live for.

In any case, the research continues, and until the final results are out, which would likely take a number of years to closely watch the patients involved in the clinical trials, I suppose we would still have to work with the five- to eight- year prognosis on advanced stage prostate cancer.

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