Want Natural Prostate Cancer Prevention?

Eat a lot of tomatoes.

It may sound funny to you but I prefer to munch raw tomatoes many times a day for the rest of my life than to risk having the life threatening disease called prostate cancer.

I started munching raw tomatoes the day I discovered that modern studies on prostate cancer have concluded that tomato-based products greatly help in protecting men from prostate cancer.

The study shows that the more tomatoes one takes the more the possibility that he will not develop prostate cancer in his lifetime.

The next question I am sure you will ask is – why are tomatoes this important in preventing prostate cancer.

Well, it has been discovered that tomatoes are rich in the substance called lycopene, which is an antioxidant, a kind of chemical agent which helps to prevent or reverse the cellular process of oxidation.

This works on preventing prostate cancer because it has been proven that too much cellular oxidation can be dangerous to one’s health. This is mainly because oxidation produces free radicals, which increase one’s chances of developing cancer tissues.

So, by its antioxidant nature, lycopene (and ultimately tomatoes) help to destroy the free radicals and thereby prevent prostate cancer and other forms of cancer for that matter.

Other ways is to look for food and vitamins that contain lots of antioxidant like Vitamin E. Such vitamins will go a long way in helping you to kill the free radicals in your body.

Now? the consoling fact of this whole stuff is that nobody is at an advantage with the fight against prostate cancer, except those who have the right information and go a step further to apply this right information.

So, take the right decision today and start eating a lot of tomatoes and Vitamin E? if you expect to keep the life threatening prostate cancer at bay.

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